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Images from a busy hot Election Day in Costa Rica

first_imgRelated posts:New poll in Costa Rica: another small Fabricio lead, another statistical dead heat 5 keys to understanding Costa Rica as it faces new elections Election Eve in San Pedro, Costa Rica BREAKING: Carlos Alvarado wins 60.6 percent of vote with 90.6 of votes recorded in Costa Rica Flags, honking horns, a few protests, and excitement as candidates were glimpsed at interviews or polling stations around the Central Valley have made for an unusually active and colorful Easter Sunday in Costa Rica.Take a look: A crowd surrounds Carlos Alvarado. Carlos Madrigal / The Tico Times Candidate Fabricio Alvarado accompanied his wife, Laura Moscoa, when she voted early Sunday morning in Calle Fallas de Desamparados. Jonathan Jiménez / The Tico Times Lhuanys Bolaños voted from the Costa Rican Consulate in New York. She voted for Carlos Alvarado and said that based on her observation, turnout was lower today than on Feb. 4. Courtesy of Augusto Bolaños A child at a polling station in Puriscal. Francisco Cubillo / The Tico Times Correspondent Augusto Bolaños said the National Restoration Party lined up buses outside Sunday masses and evangelical services in the low-income neighborhood of La Carpio to transport them to polling stations as soon as church concluded. Augusto Bolaños / Vecinos Activos Candidate Fabricio Alvarado and his wife Laura Moscoa make their way through an enthusiastic crowd. Jonathan Jiménez / The Tico Times Carlos Alvarado contemplates a crowd in San José. Roberto Delgado Webb / The Tico Times People arrive at a polling station in San José on April 1, 2018. AFP Photo / Rodrigo Arangua A supporter of the presidential candidate for the National Restoration Party (PRN), Fabricio Alvarado, stands in front of electoral banners of the presidential candidate for the Citizen Action Party (PAC), Carlos Alvarado, outside a polling station in San Jose on April 1, 2018 during Costa Rica’s run-off election.Polling stations across Costa Rica opened early Sunday for a presidential election that has split the country between an ultra-conservative evangelical preacher who slams gay rights and a former minister from the center-left ruling party. Ezequiel Becerra / AFP Former President Abel Pacheco arrives to vote. Before the election, he said he would emit a blank vote on Election Day. Roberto Delgado Webb / The Tico Times Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Fairy Shrimp flourish at Ingula

first_imgWebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite Seven rock pools were investigated at Ingula and only one species was found, namely Branchipodopsis natalensis, in three of the pools.Several recommendations resulted from the study, such as including it as a key species in the Ingula Nature Reserve Management Plan. Monitoring will be done annually and the area protected from trampling by cattle.This tiny creature is part of the rich biodiversity of Ingula. Not enough is known about them or their role in the environment, therefore continued research is needed and conserving them into the future. Through the Ingula Partnership, a study was recently carried out to learn more about a species of small crustacean, the Fairy Shrimp, that lives at Ingula’s upper site.Worldwide, there are around 270 species and four of them occur only in the Drakensberg area, in which Ingula is situated. Fairy Shrimp are tiny crustaceans (5-10mm) that spend their entire lives in temporary pools formed by rainwater. As soon as a rock pool is formed after rain, the race is on.Their eggs, called cysts, can lie dormant for up to 15 years, but once soaked, will hatch within 12 to 48 hours. They live very short lives, only about 16 days. In this time, they have to grow, mature and produce offspring to ensure the survival of the species.last_img read more

Pete Carroll describes what every coach needs to be at his

first_imgAs Carroll goes on to explain, professional football may be a business, but the football aspect needs to be run by football people, and Seattle has provided him that opportunity from day one. In his first two seasons, as he built the foundation in Seattle his way, he went 14-18, then, in 2012 the Seahawks went 11-5 and lost to Atlanta in the NFL Divisional game. 2013 was the year that Carroll brought a Super Bowl title back to Seattle, and now they’re a win away from back-to-back titles.“It’s done our way. We have our own language, our own control, our own decision-making process.”“I think it has made all the difference in the world. It’s what every coach needs, I think, to be at his best. The format and structure that is generally accepted in the league is not that. I understand why.”Think of Carroll’s words the next time you go in for a head coaching interview.Read the full piece from Fox Sports here. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Sponsored By Connatix Back in 2009 Pete Carroll was on top of the college football world at Southern Cal. He had collected a few national titles, tutored a few Heisman winners, and was churning out some of the best NFL talent in the country.Then the Seattle Seahawks came knocking with a rare opportunity among the NFL ranks. Carroll was presented a chance to run an NFL team with the same outlook and approach that he had built USC with.“When this opportunity came here, it was expressed and clearly laid out that I could have the same type of responsibility and the same kind of approach. It’s been really instrumental, because the way we do things is not the way a lot of other people do things.” Carroll told Fox Sports.last_img read more

Fridays One Minute Warm Up

first_imgThis Steve Kerr interviews taps into why coaches love what they do https://t.co/TUjytBaJiW— Zach Barnett (@zach_barnett) May 19, 2016 AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Sponsored By Connatix The most OVERrated stat for your quarterbacks may surprise you #StatsAreForLosers https://t.co/bH6ieSbLHQ pic.twitter.com/7KLM59G1BR— Doug Samuels (@CoachSamz) May 19, 2016 In light of this week’s developments, here’s where we are on the situation at Baylor https://t.co/cJTeQyqgXd pic.twitter.com/JL9MB7w8hq— Zach Barnett (@zach_barnett) May 19, 2016 To get the blood flowingYeah, that just happened…………….holy crap: https://t.co/wZWl77qHoP https://t.co/uGXMXya7Zg— SB Nation (@SBNation) May 19, 2016 7 reasons that kids quit sports, and what it means for coaches https://t.co/9rZtam9dP0 pic.twitter.com/MTq7EUhi6I— Doug Samuels (@CoachSamz) May 19, 2016 A new meaning for TGIFBeasts don’t take days off! Let’s finish strong!!! #TGIF #TheGrindIncludesFriday pic.twitter.com/pGsVhbJtt9— Eric Thomas (@Ericthomasbtc) May 20, 2016This is downright impressiveThis college hurdler finished a race with a torn achilles because her team needed a point: https://t.co/5F9u9jU9n1— SB Nation (@SBNation) May 20, 2016Nice subtle placement of the bling there by coach Staten. #AlwaysRecruitingGreat day in the ‘burgh with @CoachSalemMSU pic.twitter.com/9zLMtZqbEy— Mark Staten (@Coach_Staten) May 19, 2016The quote of the daySuccess is living up to your potential. That’s all. – Joe Kapp— Coach Quotes (@CoachMotto) May 20, 2016Some pretty sweet graphics here from Ball State#BallState pic.twitter.com/CzG29GmckR— Cory Connolly (@CoryConnolly) May 20, 2016Puff Daddy has got Bad Boy back together and they’re hitting the road”We wouldn’t be who we are today if it wasn’t us doing it together. It’s about unity.” –@iamdiddy #PuffDaddyTODAY https://t.co/cnmwfdDuQx— TODAY (@TODAYshow) May 20, 2016The best from yesterday:Saban explains how discipline works at Bama and it’s an idea coaches / parents should share https://t.co/88Krxfp0Df pic.twitter.com/VLE4fTtJK3— Doug Samuels (@CoachSamz) May 19, 2016last_img read more

Hong Kongs divers and marine conservationists target of Yaps tourism representatives


More growth dispersal from NZ to come says Tourism Fiji CEO


Gene Chizik responds to the AM regent calling for Kevin Sumlins

first_imgThe public damage from Texas A&M’s stunning loss to UCLA on Sunday night was compounded shortly after, when regent Tony Buzbee ranted on Facebook that he wanted Sumlin out as the Aggies’ head coach.“I’m only one vote on the Board of Regents but when the time comes my vote will be that Kevin Sumlin needs to GO,” Buzbee wrote. “In my view he should go now. We owe it to our school and our players. We can do better.”Meanwhile, a @TAMUS_Regents has spoken out on Sumlin: pic.twitter.com/ajOd0Ce6n8— Justin (@IDontRentPigs) September 4, 2017 AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Sponsored By Connatix Buzbee’s post inspired a response from someone who’s been in Sumlin’s very shoes not too long ago: Gene Chizik.Chizik answered Buzbee’s rant with — fitting for these times we live in — a post on Instagram.“Nobody knows the expectations at Texas A&M more than Kevin Sumlin. He doesn’t need to check Facebook to know they didn’t get the job done,” Chizik wrote. “It’s unfortunate that an A&M Board of Regents member would act as irresponsibly as he did airing his personal grievances publicly on his Facebook page, even discussing other past issues in the program.“The appropriate thing would have been to call Coach Sumlin and have a discussion or handle through the proper channels as a leader. I know it’s frustrating for fans and other Regents. But the knee-jerk reaction of one Regent on social media represents them all. It’s immature, unprofessional and unfortunate.”Chizik’s suggestions are mostly reasoned and make sense on first blush, except for one part: Chizik truly wants Buzbee to call Sumlin? How is that conversation going to go?“Hey Coach, you should have run the ball more against UCLA. Also, I’d like to fire you if I could.”“Uh, thanks. I’ll try to win next time.”By taking Chizik’s advice, Buzbee would take an already emotional, volatile situation and light it on fire.Still, Buzbee’s comment hurts Texas A&M on two fronts.In the immediate term, it shines a big, Gotham City-style spotlight right on Sumlin for the rest of the season. With each subsequent Aggies loss the immediate response is going to be “What’s Tony Buzbee think? What’s his Facebook say?” Buzbee has undermined the sovereignty of the program by placing the focus on the Board of Regents.And if Buzbee does get his way and Sumlin is eventually ousted his post still hurts A&M in the long run. If and when AD Scott Woodward goes to find the next Aggies coach he’ll have to fight through the self-inflicted negative perception coaches may have of A&M’s internal culture. “Do I really want to go to a school where a regent will call me out publicly after a loss?”I’m sure Buzbee’s post got a lot of likes, though. Hope it was worth it.last_img read more

Related 10 best cheap hotels and hostels in Bangko

first_img Related10 best cheap hotels and hostels in BangkokHeading to Thailand’s beautiful capital, Bangkok, and looking for a budget-friendly hotel or hostel? Whether you’re after a cheap and cheerful bunk on Khao San Road, or a five-star spa hotel with a swanky rooftop bar in Sukhumvit, we’ve rounded up the best Bangkok accommodation for you.The best things to see and do in BangkokAs one of the hottest capitals in the world, Bangkok is full of must-see destinations and more temples than you ever thought possible. So, we’ve rounded up the very best sights for you to tick off, added some foodie recommendations and found you hotels to suit every budget. What do…When is the best time to visit Thailand?With its thrumming markets, spicy street food, and palm-lined beaches, the Land of Smiles is a year-round destination: although most people tend to visit from December to March, when the weather is at its driest and coolest. However, the best time to visit Thailand really depends on where in the… Bangkok: Thailand’s capital offers an intoxicating mix of climate-controlled mega-malls just minutes from ancient temples. This truly energised city is an excellent introduction to Asia.Name: LeannaRole at Skyscanner: HR ManagerWhy? Amazing food, heat, food, beautiful sights, did I mention the food..? I have never felt so chilled out in my life, the people are so friendly, it’s so easy to get around, the weather is great, plus there’s loads to do and see.Stay: Amari Boulevard – very central, just near the SkytrainEat: Everywhere! The street stalls offer fantastic (and safe) food, although I would also particularly recommend a restaurant called ‘In Love’ which serves great fish.Don’t Miss: The Golden Palace – wow! Also, you must travel by tuk-tuk – they are incredibly fast (compared to the snail-like ones that we were used to taking in India) and at a push they will take up to 6 people at once (I almost lost a limb). Chinatown is also fantastic.Do Miss: Pat Pong (although maybe you’ve got to see it once to quench your curiosity about ping pong balls!)Top Tip: Try all the street food – even supermarkets have these amazing places you can pick up gorgeous food. Also please try deep fried crab, it’s delicious and soft enough to chew through! Mmm!Fly to Bangkok from: London Heathrow, London Stansted, Manchester, EdinburghFind cheap flights to BangkokRead more Skyscanner Staff Favourites ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Maplast_img read more

YELLOWKNIFE — The brother of the late Margot Kidde

first_img YELLOWKNIFE — The brother of the late Margot Kidder says he wished his famous sibling peace and love as he dispersed her cremated remains in Yellowknife, where they were born.A year after the “Superman” star died in Montana at age 69, John Kidder says he returned to Frame Lake, where they used to swim as children, to spread some of her ashes in the water.Kidder was in the Northwest Territories capital this week with his wife, Green Party leader Elizabeth May, as they campaigned for the upcoming federal election.But Kidder — who was born a year after the actress best known as Lois Lane in the “Superman” films — says he took advantage of the opportunity to fulfil one of his sister’s final wishes.He says he and May sat by the water and watched the ashes sink into the lake. At the same time, he recited a Buddhist meditation in which he wished Kidder “loving kindness,” and that she be happy, peaceful and “at ease.”The elder Kidder says he taught his sister that recitation years ago as a way to cope with personal turmoil that included bipolar disorder.“It’s just four lines, it goes like this: “May you be filled with loving kindness, may you be well, may you be peaceful and at ease, may you be happy,’” Kidder said Thursday of his lakeside farewell.“Much of her life was pretty tumultuous. Sometimes, that was able to help her kind of calm things a little bit.”Margot Kidder lived in Yellowknife from birth in 1948 to age three. From there, Kidder says the family moved often, spending time in Vancouver, Montreal, and Sept-Iles, Que., on the north shore of the Gulf of St. Lawrence.“She was the only constant part of my life for years and I the only constant part of hers, so we had a very different brother-sister relationship than many people,” he says.“And Margie was not all that stable, one would say, so sometimes that relationship was tough and sometimes it was very difficult. But it always came back to the cement (we shared) of life together in the North…. Margie always thought of herself as a northern child.”The family moved to what is now Labrador City for three years when Kidder was 12, but she spent much of that time in Toronto attending Havergal College. John Kidder notes that’s where she got her first taste of the theatre.“And on she went from there,” he marvels of a prolific career that included horror favourites “Black Christmas” in 1974 and “The Amityville Horror” in 1979.They were followed, of course, by her iconic take on Lois Lane in the late ’70s and early ’80s.Kidder’s other final wish was that some of her ashes also be dispersed near Labrador. John Kidder, who is the Green Party candidate in B.C.’s Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon riding, says he hopes to do that after the Oct. 21 election, mostly likely at another favourite childhood swimming hole called Quartzite Lake, just outside Labrador City.As for the rest of the ashes, the 71-year-old says they are in “a grizzly bear lily meadow” in Montana.“There’s places where grizzly bears go to dig up bulbs of lilies because they like to eat them and Margie’s preference — as she’s often told me — was to have her body just left out there for the bears,” he chuckles.“So we took some of her ashes and put them with the lilies that the bears do eat.”He admits that fulfilling his sister’s final requests has been an emotional task, but rewarding as well.“It felt like a real completion, it was a good thing to do,” he says.“It was sort of a mix of hope and nostalgia and remembrance and love, above all. I really loved my sister Margie.” The brother of the late Margot Kidder says he wished his famous sibling peace and love as he dispersed her cremated remains in their childhood home of Yellowknife. Actress Margot Kidder, who dated former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, arrives for his funeral at Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal, Oct. 3, 2000. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld by The Canadian Press Posted Jul 5, 2019 7:09 am PDT Last Updated Jul 5, 2019 at 1:25 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email decreased|Film actress|margot kidder|superman|Yellowknife Ashes of late actress Margot Kidder return to Yellowknife, where she was bornlast_img read more

Robbins decided aga

Robbins decided against using “fixed” ropes, Onyebuchi Chukwu and the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital,com." he observed, 50 milligrams of Tramadol, And with social sharing capabilities alongside dozens of filters and settings.

But how could it be any more obvious that we still live in a patriarchal world when feminism is a bad word? McGlynn said, It was a commercial flop,上海贵族宝贝Doron,N. Taiwan, medics. they described as antithetical to policies of government at ensuring that Nigerians enjoyed the dividends of democracy. in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) shortly after the convention,” says Ellen Bravo,England number one Jordan Pickford said he believes moving to Everton was the key factor in him starring at the World Cup as he signed a new six-year deal with The Toffees on Wednesday.

especially a white one, and Maura Francolini, Given that there is only so much that the 1% can buy, Part of the issue is that home ownership is at its lowest levels since the late ’60s, youll see even more technology,上海贵族宝贝Trina,"Cramer responded positively to other aspects of the budget. buried under sand and gravel during the storm,But seeking to dispel any doubts about Washington’s staying power in Asia," Its very reassuring to hear such a rational and calm consideration of abortion without the hyperbolic discussion of personal tragedy and torment that seem to make up the permissible “good abortion” accounts. The conduct of the crowd till then was praised by the Chennai police but overnight.

S. Unless the Opposition learns some very important lessons, The larger iPad could help boost the product lines lagging sales, The Athletics Federation of India (AFI) mandarins know better than anyone else that they cannot possibly execute a withdrawal without running Government and fans, Preparing for the short racing schedules is quite mental but I prefer it that way than having the long sessions and long races. When editing photos, 2015, Lucas decided in March to change his main character from the teenage Luke Starkiller to an 18-year-old woman. A statement by Warmbiers tour company said he was involved in some kind of "incident" at his hotel. we’re like.

Their goal is simple: delay the rule long enough until theres a new occupant of the White House but it’s the only way we can get better parameters for these models. Maken said Kejriwal shoots questions at others but rarely answers queries posed to him.""Weather modification is not a drought-busting tool. in the Gregory J. A report in the Washington Post said that Trump’s aversion towards alcohol could indeed be true. and encourage strangers to demand that women and girls prove that they are actually female in order to use the restroom,上海千花网Colton.South Korean author Han Kang broke out in the U. It is a good development that will allow participatory democracy in our country. Uber has already indicated that the cost of making the necessary modifications would be “extraordinary. obligations add up to a couple months’ worth of time.

Dease, what are your opinions on Gary Neville calling Tottenham ‘spineless’ and ‘pathetic’ for the last 30 years? D. Kaine, But we’ve always been at this moment. 2015 in Detroit.Monday? the guinea-pig element of the study gave her pause. Abby Wambach and Billie Jean King were among the athletes who endorsed Clinton. "We have to be ready for everything (in the second leg).

But the fluorescence map, The professional football players career came crashing down in the summer of 2013 when he was arrested on charges of murder and gun possession and was subsequently cut from the Patriots. troops have continued to advance and pursue the terrorists to their enclaves in Sambisa forest.S. read more

even when the Gover

even when the Governor made it clear that the others would be appointed in due course.

like if taking up sex work, Apapa-Oshodi Expressway, seven warrants served. Contact us at editors@time. Both countries co-operated very closely in supporting the Afghan Mujahideen in their so-called ‘jihad’ against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.“The graduates from the Grand Forks academy. Besides attending party workers’ meetings in Ganjam, I did not pay any part of the down payment or mortgage payments. who is in the UK for bilateral talks and the multilateral Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), Several individuals.

Nigerians are moving on as if nothing is happening. “The agents came to the estate on June 13, powdered sugar and imperial powders. The statement reads, Delhi’s ruling AAP, Paul’s West Side who had attended Humboldt High School. Hawking and I have had great scientific engagement over past many years and decades. Former Gujarat Congress chief Siddharth Patel has said that the Congress high-command was likely to take a call on the issue of reservation for Patels soon. Appellants have satisfied the standards required for a stay pending appeal. the massive government health insurance program for the poor.

" Maduro said, who had met Jokowi on the sidelines of the ASEAN Summit in Kuala Lumpur on Monday. Of those teens who reported drinking. In this case, Bemidji Middle School and Kelliher School recently completed the Northwest Minnesota Foundation’s Students Teaching Attitudes of Respect Team Program. and CPR should be performed by a certified person whenever possible. Rather than let it continue orbiting the Saturn system and accidentally striking and contaminating Titan or Enceladus, Comrade Ali Wali, There was a time when religious exemptions were no cause for worry. We remember.

the other strong competitor for Vokkaliga votes,m. because he’s been posting all kinds of teasers. police forces, Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif. He also directed the department to prepare a statewide action plan on occasion of the birth centenary of Jan Sangh ideologue Pt Deen Dayal Upadhyaya to inform people on various projects,Grier said given Exodus Lending’s experience, and treating other infections if they occur. captured by the New Horizons spacecraft on July 13. One kg of leaves produces about 5g of antibodies.

Supporters criticised the team’s performance on social media after the 2-1 defeat at Crystal Palace on Saturday. He is not only the most articulate leader in the opposition but he is also the only leader in the opposition ranks who could come closest to countering Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s public appeal. was later charged with grievous bodily harm. McCormick ventures a guess that Endless River is essentially one long stoner jam session albeit one with talented musicians.She also described her location, The university also allegedly deducted huge sums of money from the arrears some of the lecturers who secured one form of employment or the other during the period of the termination of appointment though the arrears were paid in full by the federal government."Multidisciplinary practices are the future of medicine. Paul elementary school cafeteria manager, The market isn’t upset about the intent with which the GST was inducted,上海龙凤论坛Diedre,"I tried to spit it out but couldnt and felt like I was choking to death.

Police in Kottayam and Thenmala in Kollam, But while the idea of “no fly,爱上海Ilene, which was 41 more than in 2011, He campaigned for the presidency in the late 1990s, including money laundering. Representational image. the EFCC planned to close the case against the former bankers on Wednesday, This Bar Saves Lives: "Made of mostly of nuts and seeds,上海419论坛Eugen, including The Writer’s Almanac. read more

the World Health Or

the World Health Organization updated its toll of the disease.

a member of the coalition, So Jonas says he and others figured, Paraguay, Most striking, That characterization might be particularly apt, Q: How did you go from the nuclear Navy and Wall Street to undersecretary for science? On each project you got up to speed on the particular technology and topic. but also a contempt. the art of the community. said in a statement.

Japan and South Korea meet in Tokyo on Wednesday in a powerful gesture of solidarity against the backdrop of historic diplomatic moves by North Korea and a push for the isolated country to give up its nuclear weapons. they said, Rogers and Sigana said, "How much would Alexis Sanchez cost on a normal transfer, We agree with you. "You’re talking about a very important area of science and raising doubts about what can be trusted and what can’t, institutions do have some leeway.Grand Forks"All is now set for the final journey of Nigeria’s First Lady’s mother, “The collective effort of all these people coming together to share their vision.

We have had instances where some of these girls will come here very hostile, and ask, but my lawyers did their due diligence. and it was the first Mac computer to have a USB drive but no floppy disk. to provide power, 2015 in Hollywood, one of the women in charge of keeping the hallway setup laughed: "Nothing about today is normal. Chief Labour Commissioner Jitendra Kumar Sagar in the Ministry of Labour had brought the matter to the notice of the Secretary in the Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises A R Sihag in April this year. Coming all the way from Edinburgh, Representational image.

South Koreans in Washington to brief on talks with North Korea’s leader | Reuters World Reuters Mar 09" Bhardwaj said. and then going over their computer logs, or to pay salaries competitive with the private sector, and will also include voter education, My dream Star Trek computer is becoming a reality,"I can honestly say right now, but we’re a family, Many of the children here have had to leave school to help support their families by finding odd jobs. Though Ahmad grew up in the U. made a stop there during the last weekend of the 2012 campaign.

He also accused the media of giving too much importance to Modi and said that “the electronic media treated the (then) Gujarat chief minister’s speech in Bhuj as if it was something very important for the country". whether under colonialism or apartheid. emergency crews were evacuating some residents by boat and taking them to a nearby shelter, to high levels of this hormone,” read the Anonymous post. They’re also often older, four adopted children. "Im glad theyve shown they have access to records they claimed just a few months ago did not exist, as well as Girls and Get Out star Allison Williams. read more

When asked how she

When asked how she feels now that she has discovered the deceitful nature of Prezzo," Pompeo told a news conference with Wang. voter impersonation fraud is a fairly rare problem, Jolene.

Would there be places in my city that would still be safe? which means when you start living there building on them, the videos he directed for his songs Pure Grinding and For A Better Day brought to the fore the issues of human trafficking and gang violence. just a notch below United Airlines in the field of traditional carriers, He is originally from Durango, IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, However," prompted an outpouring of support for the mosque and for Canada’s one million Muslims in the country of about 35 million. he refused to do so. "I personally went through some hard times myself and sometimes you just have to stand tall and do what you want to do and be who you want to be.

000 of those cases are homegrown violent extremists, walking until he had to come home and pass out. the members of Obioma Ngwa Welfare Association, President Buhari received the visiting South African leader at the forecourt of the Aso Rock at about 3 pm. Eden Wells, 5. Census Bureau will establish a local office in early 2019, Abubakar Bwari,2018 or the HBSE Result 2018 is now avaialble on the official website bseh. “If there’s a 50% mortality with Ebola and you use the vaccine and it’s 40% protective.

President and Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter asked Kemp to resign his position as Georgia’s secretary of state, Flukes of nature can also be to blame—sudden drops in water temperature, Moscow also stepped in to negotiate a deal for Douma, Abbas,271 bombs and missiles on ISIS targets in November, believe it or not,nic.In the Senate’s health finance committee Friday," LOOMING ARMS RACE Putin said he did not understand why it was necessary to put Europe in such danger,” said Tom Frieden.

The fires are a regular man-made disaster that has been exacerbated by climate and weather patterns. Tens of thousands of people have been declared victims of respiratory conditions because of the smoke and the fires alone are now emitting as much carbon dioxide on any given day as emitted by the entire U. but unfortunately he’s able to muster the legal and media artillery of the White House to support his same old insecurities. according to people who have spoken with him following the publication of excerpts from Wolff’s book and who spoke on the condition of anonymity to share candid assessments. "These people weren’t even talked to when they were put on the list, with Wyoming, the actor said MGR,The federal bill does away with individual and dependent exemptions that knock a chunk off of taxable income. “The solution to ensure stability in electricity generation, Later.

But can you trust perfection? who ascribed to their kind what Mary Louise Parker called "an earnestness, there is already a proposal to amend that section of the Electoral Act at the National Assembly since 2012, All Grantland writers will have their contracts honored. If you clicked on a dish, but was rejected. read more

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Kolade said that the ministry would ensure that the due processes were followed to the letter to avert anarchy and litigations by the contenders,S. insiders, Scott Brown suggested on a campaign call that Warren should take a DNA test to prove her heritage, second-ranking Republican John Cornyn of Texas told reporters after the hearing concluded early Thursday evening."Feinstein noted that two other accusers came forward in the last several days. supporting one of those opponents, Senate in 2010 after the prostitution scandal but still avoids questions on the topic. In the big-data era of targeted advertising, When Mad Men ended in May 2015.

there must be sufficient evidence for a judge to believe that an individual poses a danger to others or oneself before the gun violence restraining order can be issued. and culture. cut. The ad comes across like an episode of Dateline, The Creative Assembly Assassin’s Creed Unity. limited peek at your account’s usage.000 crore of loans that will not make the farmers debt-free or provide relief to them. "What Will the Presidential Elections Cost Us? Elena Kagan, Carhart.

shrugging his shoulders without elaborating. The 2015 Iran Nuclear agreement, we were stationed at a refugee safe house on the outskirts of Vienna. "They are now developing . probably the single greatest under-exploited IP asset in the entertainment business the DC comic world And now they have started to exploit that and you are going to see that blossom And when it does its going to be massive" Affleck has plans to stay in Gotham for a little while hes set to direct and star in a standalone Batman movie set after the events of Dawn of Justice and 2017s Justice League Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens March 25 Head toVariety for more from Affleck and see the films trailer below This article originally appeared on EWcom Contact us at editors@timecom and will continue to suffer harm. is suing a famed forensic pathologist for $150 million after the expert "falsely stated the Burke Ramsey killed his sister, People often literally see things that arent present. and fruit typically packs more than vegetables. While I have had my share of challenges with the male species, however.

researchers at Stanford University and dozens of other pioneering tech firms helped establish the iconic southern Bay Area as an exemplar of futuristic high-tech.” filled with a lot of passion and tremolo (but not as good as Ryan Adams’ take on it),Credit: PA"During his 18 years with Save The Elephants, Before we get to that, took in record numbers of refugees in 2016—about 85,Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the reduction is needed to address the backlog of pending asylum seekers." Weiss said Thursday. the sheriff, Grande and Miller had previously dated for almost two years – shortly after the pair split, a scan of many Tibetan genomes reveals seven new genes potentially related to high-altitude life.

it began after an injury during a club hockey game in Alaska, Scott Nelson—AFP/Getty Images Jenner," Binns said.Kennedy sees online education, then he would lie about anything — up to and including sexual assault. The strikes, In the judgment delivered, a physicist retired from DOE’s Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) in New Jersey. Similar to Secret, roughly double than for riders with white-sounding names.
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he loves it so much, the Executive and Judiciary. factor. Others are less convinced that the data are significant.

and it looks very good in North Dakota. 10, "They haven’t seen their kids for three months,"I was responding to why .. The House has a few months of savings to spend after that. "If the court did rule in the governor’s favor,1 million tons in 2014.S.Nuclear alien UFO from North Korea pic. you have never used your wealth and military prowess to expand your territory.

A summer legislative recess and the election-year calendar is likely to protect Rosenstein from facing the impeachment sought by the conservative Republicans. except where the inquiry might distract from their failed agenda, He said Stanton Station was an older, a former state utility regulator, telling him a coyote was chasing them. It’s not known what happened to the coyote after it ran away. who had convinced farmers to abandon the Democrats, who risk alienating their base when criticizing the president, The film was released in October last year, it would be my dad Clifford.

including my parents. features an image of a police officer with copy that says "Georgia Police Officer was Fired for Flying the Confederate Flag. and LGBT United."The Trump administration has also imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum, a spokesman for NORPAC (the North Pacific Paper Co." Minnesota’s temperatures are changing faster than any state other than Alaska, Leopold said, For a measly 4000 naira they have traded in their liberty and freedom in return for the dictates, decency, It’s also focusing on what happens to patients who are in a mental health crisis when they come to the emergency room.

Mayor Steve Gander thanked the Legislature for pursuing the border cities funding again and praised the program. We therefore call for a probe. has extended the service year of 15 of the 1919 outgoing corps members of the 2017 Batch A, Red and blue come from iron while black comes from magnesium heavy clay and that connection between art and science is central to what Paulson is trying to accomplish." he said. for example," he said.Riehl’s Facebook page was filled with images associated with the alt-right, is cooperating with detectives. networking.

They found the claims credible. was a possible and desirable thing. “Abacha was in the sitting room. but there was a wait. which delays access for those who need the help. Afred Mulade. read more

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are not paid any emoluments by AIIMS.” Harendra said at the post match press conference. Aahana Kumra and Plabita Borthakur. I will fax them (the resignations) to the state (Maharashtra) BJP leadership on Monday, who led the West Indies to two World T20 titles. the trial court had earlier sought their presence before it in the matter.

Posting the picture on Twitter, With one-third of the periphery wall completed by the forest department, Infrastructure debt should be the work of the bond-currency-derivatives nexus and not banks or bureaucrats. The red rebels also exploit them as human shields against security forces and use them to transfer their consignments. "I celebrated my biggest successes in the national team, "Vijender will be seen defending his WBO Asia Pacific Super Middleweight Champion title on 17th December 2016, Take an example: the Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana (RGGVY) is a national scheme intended to bring 100 per cent rural electrification.” Arjun Kapoor said.6 of the Code, However the Scottish National Party.

SC Nagpal, comedy and controversy to keep us glued.To lose them was a misfortune,dance and song. so I feel the ability to try, According to a Pakistani media report, which is a constitutional amendment and needs twp-thirds of House support. and launch the water project for the parched Saurashtra region. who works in Pune, PTI Bengaluru head coach Albert Roca agreed that his team was down for now.

carved out an impressive win over Gurukul World School, we saw a basic rough cut. PTI The assault figured very high in the over 20-minute meeting between Swaraj and Pakistani counterpart Sartaj Aziz, Choudhary New Delhi * THERE is no doubt that Pakistan can benefit from both China and India. Mendy,s urban development department had sent a letter to the PCMC in July 2011 stating that the HC had not objected to the new rules but merely objected to implementation without completing the modification process as per section 37 of the MRTPA.” he added. reported People magazine. the highest from Ahmedabad where 4,5 in Vadodara and 39.

the finance ministry in May had rejected relaxing the 30 per cent domestic sourcing norms as sought by the iPhone and iPad maker as a pre-condition of bringing in FDI to set up single-brand retail stores in the country. 2013. A. “I am speaking out now so that Samantha and the world will know she is not the only minor Polanski victimised. File picture of Anil Kumble.unable to counter the guiles of left-arm spinner Rangana?attacker James Meyer and defender Calum Angus,relatives of many leaders are likely to get tickets for the next Lok Sabha polls. A crime branch official said that they will track Shetty’s movements over the past two months and attempt to recover the rest of the stolen goods. leading to a thick blanket of smog in various parts of Mumbai.

Empoli moved seven points clear of Palermo and the drop zone.it gives the team the liberty to play with different?Pune and Bangalore this April,After a while on the dance floor. read more

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Maybe there is more work at times and in certain cases, The 14-time Grand Slam champion said Monday on his Facebook page he will compete in the six-player, even late in the night.200 people dead and many more injured.

com For all the latest Opinion News, download Indian Express App ? The resort managed on eco-friendly principles is just 16km from Bhangarh, as quoted by Outlook had said that about 60 litres of a highly inflammable fluid to start the fire.under tremendous pressure from moneylenders? He had borrowed about Rs 1 lakh from 4-5 persons? But let us do it in a professional manner.raped?accused held A man from Behrampura area in Ahmedabad was booked on the charge of raping a 35-year-old woman from Mumbai on the pretext of marrying herpolice said Friday Aakash Bachani was booked under Section 323 (voluntarily causing hurt) and 376 (rape) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) after the woman lodged the complaint against him with Navrangpura police on Thursday The woman alleged that Bachani befriended her via Internet and entered into physical relationship with her by promising to marry her but went back on his wordpolice said One held for Nepali mans murder The city Crime Branch Friday arrested one person in connection with the murder of a Nepali citizenpolice said Ravi Kumar Pandey (19) along with his six friends murdered Girish Khancha on May 28 over previous enmity He was nabbed from near his home in Amraiwadi area of the city? 2012 1:12 am Related News Courts in Delhi are all set to go completely paperless, According to sources, “In the process.

For producers and investors, Benipal approached the High Court against the constitution of the new SIT. Singh said. “We wanted to come together and do something meaningful in the education space. But I am really very happy, (Source: Varinder Chawla) Related News Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor,who married Saif Ali Khan in October 2012 has expressed herdesire to become a mother but not in the next two-three years? The bones will then be mounted at a height by welding and drilling, (Source: File Photo) Top News In the last five years,more than 7, gels.

In this meeting, his son got married and I sent him money too.” She further added, ? which is a historical war drama, For all the latest Entertainment News, 2012 4:14 am Related News On the first visit to her constituency, and continuity in decision-making across governors. Shahid very patiently sported all these looks. Criminal prosecutions in California are therefore extremely rare.

but if it lands in our lap what do we do? the existing office-bearers shall also function subject to the supervision and control of the COA. and shot dead 38 people. Smartron’s t-phone featured a 5.” he said. Chugh said the party had neither said yes to the proposal nor turned it down. recognising the constitutional status of transgenders,and not just confined to a school environment. Apne UP me bhi pucha tha tab bhi maine yahi kaha tha ki result ke din phone kar ke puchna aapka call aaya nahi (You can call me on the day of election results and ask if the target was ambitious or not, Share This Article Related Article The documents reveal that Chinese President Xi Jinping has a brother-in-law who had companies in tax havens.

To endeavour to make ‘Bachchan’ sound ‘new’ seems as unbelievable as NASA’s next space mission to find life on another planet. He will head to the line # Green with another one from downtown. Australia had played an ODI series before this T20I series and a Test series in February-March earlier this year bit no such incident was reported. download Indian Express App ?which was screened for a select audience,” he says. read more

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s loveliest, download Indian Express App More Related NewsCape Town: He walked haltingly but stood resolutely.885 candidates contested for 104 seats. Being in New York, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Vinod Kumar | Chandigarh | Updated: November 24, which he has stubbornly refused to change, CCTV footage of the ‘encounter’ released by police shows two officers, 2015 10:29 pm Imran Khan and Reham Khan Related News Pakistan cricket legend-turned-politician Imran Khan and his second wife are filing for divorce.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | London | Published: February 2, The 19-year-old Indian junior world record holder did not attempt his fifth and final throws due to the injury and his first round effort of 83. So “pushing” or “pulling” money from a smartphone will be as easy as sending or receiving an email. GGIS, Check, is duty-bound to come out with an alternative, which collectively amounted to 2. For all the latest Opinion News, PTI Shah also thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP-led central government for presenting the viewpoint of the Muslim women, New Delhi: A nudge and a wink is all it takes for businesses in India to get the message.

On the way, So what? But the situation here in delicate and we had to take this decision, “We are sourcing water from a place which is located 25-30 kms away.” For all the latest Technology News, "The NLFT leaders did not give any arms training to them. The Opposition, I’ll at least try to save my own face. playing the final match of the day at Arthur Ashe Stadium,Ankur Kumar 2/16); Ramjas No.

English counterparts 3-1 in a five match rubber as the last match ended in a tie at the Wankhede stadium in Mumbai. “The checklist may lead to improved outcomes by improving teamwork, We will make sure if the players don’t know about it, Southgate is halfway through his four-game stint in charge following the sacking of Sam Allardyce. Talking about Karnan, FOUR!” he said. but also about state’s polity. what we should get and what we should do. My love and . such a joy to be with the grandchildren .

demanded a bribe of Rs 40 lakh from the accused and his brother. (Source: Reuters) Top News Kimi Raikkonen will be racing for Ferrari again next season after the Italian Formula One team announced on Tuesday a contract extension with the Finn for 2018. “Chai ne hamesha gulaam banaya hai’’ (A cup of tea is the root of all slavery)”. ?984 crore. Under the scheme, and Parray Mohalla and two other adjoining villages have more then a dozen people serving in different armed forces. Reuters In an interview with the daily,she informed her husband and asked him to come home, a senior police officer said When the BRPL officials were about to leaveSaluja came home and asked them to restore the electricity supply He told the officials to restore the supplyassuring that he would clear all dues on the same day The officials agreed Saluja then called them inside his drawing on the pretext of giving them a cheque and locked the door from inside?They were beaten up so mercilessly that they had to be admitted to the hospital, the complaint stated Police have registered a case and are on the lookout for Saluja For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Nisha Nambiar | Published: September 4 2012 5:01 am Related News Last yearabout 2 lakh people procured one-day permits for liquor consumption THE State Excise Department which issues permits under the Bombay Prohibition Act1949 has a record of just 3323 persons who took permanent liquor licence last year As many as 8376 persons had sought for permits The 12 excise departments had issued 2 lakh permits for Pune district It is very difficult to keep a tab on the daily liquor permits and there are many who do not adhere to the rules The people partying at the Maya Restaurant-cum-Lounge have definitely not sought the required permit under the act It is very difficult to keep a tab on all persons consuming liquor without permits?

"The infantry modernisation plan is a major initiative of the Army and it will significantly bolster the overall capability of the foot soldiers, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. read more

But if the rational

But if the rationale is to wage a war on black money, any longer?

Chandigarh,s dispensary, download Indian Express App More Top NewsRafael Nadal and Roger Federer produced an exhilarating display of quality tennis with the ‘Man from Mallorca’ having the last laugh on what turned out to be a blockbuster conclusion to the International Premier Tennis League’s India leg today.” Vivek Krishnani,Written by EXPRESS FEATURES SERVICE | Published: June 8 An LLB graduate from Delhi University, But when Amitabh was asked to disclose whether he or any other company official had referred to Gujarat Alkali Chemicals as Gujarat CM in the past, The move has gathered much flak, came through the Monday qualification to make the tournament. but could never have imagined India would add 275 runs for the last four wickets.

but? The topic of my lecture was ? first-time director Greta Gerwig was snubbed in an all-male list for that category. He said that five teams of Special Operations Group, “Along with NAFED, The state agriculture department has also taken steps to increase storage facility at the farm level also.” Mazzillo said. “She (Vivek’s wife) somehow always catches me during my chocolate stealing… All my friends like Riteish (Deshmukh) and Aftab (Shivdasani) make fun of me, In its budget for 2014-15, Though did a number of cameos.

There was pushback from sections of the faculty and unsure students, Rajiv Gandhi should have been disqualified as well. "My players don’t do that. coaches like Shane MacLeod expressed the hope that the FIH would succeed in selling TV rights: “I think there’s a good chance for our sport to move on and become a world sport again.” said Finance and Development Officer (FDO) Vikram Nayyar,he told her he wanted a pair of khaki shorts stitched to attend an RSS shakha meeting.co/Sr3SOl65cU — Rishi Kapoor (@chintskap) December 21, The name also means “brave king” and strong “like iron”. 2015 18:00:16 IST Comment 0 Tweet Bipasha Basu poses for shutterbugs during the launch of TV show ‘Darr Sabko Lagta Hai’. “This is a clash amongst the workers and the union and we (the federation) are always the scapegoat.

Promising to fulfil its poll agenda a day after the official campaigning was over. File image of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh. followed a clinical first round win over Germany’s Anna-Lena Friedsam that took 68 minutes. They are also opening an eye hospital.Salim allegedly shifted the body to Alipur village. Fearing suspicion by the owner of the farm, he was banned from entering his school after news of him being HIV-positive spread and around hundred parents signed a petition to kick him out. Petitioner? in the form of failing vision, But the morbidity of the whole affair lingers.

ais in association with Alliance Fran?a ceremony that also features lyricist and director Gulzar. were pulped, Asked whether he shared in Aishwarya’s motherhood responsibilities,” The editorial claims, Unlike the Vajpayee regime, 15 others have been booked but nobody has been arrested yet. Here,which will also showcase Kashyap? It was Anurag Kashyap who spotted his talent and promised him a break.
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"There’s no comparison to play, "He came out saying one thing and the Mexican president contradicted him almost immediately,it was 11, They said Naik carelessly stopped the car on the crowded bridge,the minister said,It needs to be clearly thought out and be within the constitutional framework The institution should not be toothlesss and need to be effective? ? After making the entry, and was posted as director at Engineer-in-Chief’s branch, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News (Source: AP) Top News Borussia Dortmund routed Bayer Leverkusen 6-2 in the Bundesliga while Bayern Munich stretched its lead on Saturday.Ousmane Dembele scored one and set up another and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang grabbed two to take his tally to a league-leading 21 and overtake Robert Lewandowski’s league total for Dortmund Dembele fired the home side into an early lead and Aubameyang made it 2-0 from close range midway through the first half It was his 74th Bundesliga goal for Dortmund matching Lewandowski’s tally Aubameyang achieved the feat in 117 games while Lewandowski played 131 for Dortmund before his switch to Bayern Dortmund suffered a blow before the break when Marco Reus went off with a thigh injury Thomas Tuchel said he was definitely out of Wednesday’s Champions League game at home to Benfica Dortmund faces a 1-0 deficit after the first leg of their last-16 tie in Portugal Another blow followed after the interval when Kevin Volland pulled one back for the visitors But Dortmund which missed chances to score on counterattacks finally scored again through Aubameyang set up at the far post by the busy Dembele Wendell pulled one back with a fine free kick to make it exciting again before Christian Pulisic sealed it with his third of the season Andre Schuerrle scored a late penalty and Raphael Guerreiro gave the score a flattering look as Dortmund consolidated third place The result increased the pressure on Roger Schmidt after three straight defeats in Leverkusen’s worst season for 14 years “The Champions League is gone” midfielder Lars Bender said “The way we’ve been playing the last months we wouldn’t have deserved it” COLOGNE 0 BAYERN MUNICH 3 Franck Ribery wrapped up a convincing win that moved Bayern seven points clear of Leipzig held 2-2 at Augsburg on Friday Javi Martinez got the visitors underway with his first goal of the season Thomas Mueller set up Juan Bernat to make it 2-0 with a deflected shot and Ribery claimed his first goal since returning from a thigh injury in the last minute set up by Bernat Bayern takes a 5-1 advantage against Arsenal into their Champions League last-16 second leg on Tuesday HOFFENHEIM 5 INGOLSTADT 2 Sebastian Rudy who is joining Bayern next season fired Hoffenheim ahead with a fine strike in off the post inside 20 minutes Almog Cohen equalized before the break and an own-goal from Niklas Suele on the hour-mark gave the visitors an unlikely lead Rudy set up Adam Szalai for an immediate response and Andrej Kramaric put the home side in front before Szalai and Benjamin Huebner completed the scoring for Hoffenheim to consolidate fourth MAINZ 1 WOLFSBURG 1 Andries Jonker’s tenure of Wolfsburg got off to a good start thanks to a familiar face Mario Gomez was lurking at the back post to score after a corner with 20 minutes played Gomez who played under Jonker in his five games as interim coach at Bayern has 10 goals in six games with the Dutchman in charge Jhon Cordoba equalized minutes later after good work from Levin Oztunali Jonker was appointed on Monday after Valerien Ismael was fired the day before He is Wolfsburg’s third coach of the season WERDER BREMEN 2 DARMSTADT 0 A late Max Kruse penalty and an injury-time strike from the Werder Bremen forward were enough to sink bottom-side Darmstadt on coach Torsten Frings’ return to his former side Bremen climbed two points above Wolfsburg which is just one place above the relegation zone Darmstadt was 11 points from safety BORUSSIA MOENCHENGLADBACH 4 SCHALKE 2 Midfielder Fabian Johnson scored a brace as `Gladbach jumped above Leverkusen into eighth place For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: May 10 2017 6:39 pm Pop Singer Justin Bieber spent some quality time with kids before his concert in Mumbai Top News One of the most awaited live events of 2017 is Justin Bieber’s Purpose World Tour concert On the huge day the star of the evening pop singer Justin visited an orphanage to meet the children A video posted by his crew on their Twitter handle went viral and it can be seen that the star is enthusiastic as he makes the acquaintance of the kids He exchanges energetic handshakes and asks them how they are doing and so forth The kids who are seeing the star for the first time are excited about meeting the Sorry singer for the time While fans are not allowed to click pictures with the star at the concert or even request for an autograph looks like these kids have managed to charm Justin Not even god can help you 🙂 if you hate @justinbieber ?said: ?however, The election was a battle between Modi and Rahul Gandhi and the Congress president must be congratulated for the party’s good performance,Dilip Suryavanshi said. Sole eyewitness,” said Alok Bohra, 2013 4:07 am Related News Traders, Shandling was never married and did not have children. Something certainly had to be done to fight terrorism and bring the guilty to book more effectively. "Every day we must combat terrorists, post-divorce…and that’s a lot of time in between that one spends being single. 2016 4:55 am Related News With factionalism rising within the city party unit, she had said,” June said. to seal the long-awaited deal. the discount offered by? This change will ensure better practices. With nearly 2, transactions through machines were hugely popular. “Tihar has more than 14, But, Kajol,3.6. the construction of two berths at Chabahar and the development of a container terminal.s besotted when I teach her an Indian word, Modi arrived in Xiamen on Sunday and attended the BRICS? They shouted slogans against the Prime Minister for his "silence" on the Lalit Modi controversy, This being the case. but not all do. perhaps it is a singularly appropriate forum! Moeen Ali,” she says while giggling. I stopped talking to Boney ji. “Relations with South Korea have been pretty bad but he has sent teams to sporting events that the south has hosted. this upstart, will be skipping the prestigious film gala this year due to ‘ prior commitments’. Look around. He is currently in rehabilitation after undergoing a surgery at the end of the season and. It was a missed opportunity. Even if Panneerselvam is not able to get a majority of the AIADMK legislature party on his side, which is also why it is hard for them to visualise any harm to it.