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Temporary release approved by UN tribunal for former Yugoslav army chief

11 July 2008Dragoljub Ojdanic, the former Chief of the General Staff of the Yugoslav Army, has been granted temporary provisional release on compassionate grounds by the United Nations tribunal set up to deal with the worst war crimes committed during the Balkan conflicts of the 1990s. Mr. Ojdanic, who also served as Defence Minister of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, is on trial at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) with five co-defendants for an alleged campaign of terror and violence directed against Kosovo Albanians and other non-Serbs living in Kosovo in 1999.The Hague-based court grantedthe 18 July to 12 August release subject to strict conditions, including 24-hour electronic surveillance by the Serbian authorities. read more

Britains motor industry alive and kicking says auto expert

The recent spate of job losses announced across the UK motor industry are masking Britain’s success as a vehicle manufacturer and its thriving role as a leading developer of automotive-based systems and technology. That’s the view expressed by Dr Nick Barter, Director of SMMT Foresight Vehicle, the UK’s prime knowledge transfer body for the auto industry. Far from heralding the end of a once proud industry, Dr Barter, a former engineering director of Jaguar Cars, says the current job losses, while extremely regrettable, cloud the true picture of Britain as a dynamic part of the global motor industry . “We may have fewer people actually building cars, but people don’t realise that output last year equalled the peak of the early ’70s and we now have many more involved in the successful research and development of technologies, critical to our medium and longer term future,” he explained. “The face of motor manufacturing in Britain may be changing, but the country’s involvement in developing new manufacturing techniques and materials, creating advanced telematics and devising new propulsion systems has never been more intense.” Much of this new research is being undertaken through the Government-backed SMMT Foresight Vehicle initiative with leading companies and academic institutions joining forces in more than 100 cutting-edge automotive research programmes. Yet Dr Barter believes this pioneering work and Britain’s automotive industry as a whole is being widely undervalued. “It’s often forgotten that directly and indirectly the UK automotive industry employs around 800,000 people, turns over £47 billion – almost 10 per cent of the UK’s manufacturing total – and exports £20 billion worth of products every year,” added Dr Barter. “And we have Europe’s most productive car plant – Nissan at Sunderland. ” In his role as Director of SMMT Foresight Vehicle, Dr Barter and his colleagues oversee a wide variety of research projects aimed at maintaining Britain’s position as a leading player in the global motor industry. SMMT Foresight Vehicle, for example, was recently confirmed as part of a vital new Knowledge Transfer Network, headed by Cenex, engaging all those involved in work on low carbon and fuel cell technologies. “We’ve always been good at inventing and problem-solving in Britain and current work is helping to develop components and technologies which meet many of the industry’s most pressing requirements in fields such as emissions, alternative energy sources and telematics,” said Dr Barter. “The British motor industry has certainly changed radically over the past 30 years, but it’s still alive and kicking.”Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) read more

Girl 18 died at Mutiny Festival after taking two pills as second

A grieving mother has revealed that her 18-year-old daughter died at the Mutiny Festival in Portsmouth after taking two pills.Janine Milburn, a healthcare assistant, said Georgia Jones “was 18 and full of life” and that she hopes “this stops at least some of you ending up the same”.The popular dance festival was cancelled as a “safety precaution” after the death of  Ms Jones and Tommy Cowan, a 20-year-old man.Mr Cowan, also known as Tommy Bakeer, was described on Sunday evening as a caring young father.According to Portsmouth local paper The News, his father, Damian Cowan, 43, said: “He was funny. He loved life and he loved his little boy.”He was everything. He was a good lad – unfortunately he made a bad choice.”The two who died and another who is in critical condition were among 15 people to attend hospital during one night of the Mutiny Festival.The deaths are being treated as separate incidents and are not being treated as suspicious. However, Hampshire Constabulary said inquiries were being made to determine the circumstances. “The safety of our amazing customers has always been paramount to us and so to keep everyone safe and in respect to those who have passed, we have taken the decision not to open today. As you can imagine, this decision was not taken lightly and was taken with the support of the local statutory authorities who we continue to work with.”Enquiries are being made into the circumstances of what has happened, but we must reiterate our advice to all our customers to responsibly dispose of any substances. “He is such a caring guy who would do anything for any one. He loved going out with his mates but most importantly loved spending time with his girlfriend and son,” said Mr Ford, who lives near Portsmouth.”It was a big shock to lose such a great guy like him.”Police have appealed for anyone with information to come forward and contact police on 101. Harm prevention alert Festival family – we are aware of a dangerous high strength or bad batch substance on site. We strongly urge you to not take any substances whatsoever and to report any symptoms of… https://t.co/8r2Merf66g— Mutiny Festivals (@MutinyFestivals) May 26, 2018 Organisers said on Saturday night they were aware of “dangerous high strength or bad batch” of drugs on site.The festival said in a statement: “Following the terrible news from earlier today, the team behind Mutiny Festival are incredibly sad to announce that the Sunday of the festival has been cancelled as a safety precaution. In response to the post, Hampshire Police told Sky News: “We are aware of the alert issued by the festival and are looking into its content.”A woman has posted on social media paying tribute to her ‘little girl’ who ‘died after taking two pills’ to warn others about the dangers of drugs.Janine Milburn, from Havant, said this morning Georgia Jones suffered a 45-minute fit after taking the pills.Mrs Milburn said “my little girl was 18 and full of life” and “I just hope this stops at least some of you ending up the same”.The post read: “As I have now spoken to family members I can now say Georgia died yesterday due to complications after taking two pills at Mutiny.”If nothing else I hope what has happened to her will deter you from taking anything ever.”She continued: “The pills had caused her temperature to rise so high it made her fit for 45 mins.”My little girl was 18 and full of life, I just hope this stops at least some of you from ending up the same.”Mr Cowan was a “brilliant” friend, according to 19-year-old Jack Ford, who said they met at college studying uniformed services. “Please stay alert and look out for each other.” https://t.co/V4bQDH4o0s pic.twitter.com/MgV014fNxL— Mutiny Festivals (@MutinyFestivals) May 27, 2018 Mutiny festival “More information will follow when available, we appreciate your understanding at this difficult time.”Dizzee Rascal, Craig David and Sean Paul topped the bill at the two-day event that was due to end on Sunday.Police were first alerted to the woman falling ill at the site on Saturday evening and the man was found collapsed around 20 minutes later.Earlier on Saturday evening, Mutiny Festival tweeted a post entitled “Harm prevention alert”, which said: “Festival family – we are aware of a dangerous high strength or bad batch substance on site.”We strongly urge you to not take any substances whatsoever and to report any symptoms of illness / discomfort immediately to medical, welfare, security or the safeguarding team. An 18-year-old female and 20-year-old male were found unconscious at the festival siteCredit:UKNIP Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

GPs receiving payments for 36 million ghost patients

Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Up to 3.6 million patients who do not exist are registered with GPs’ surgeries, it was revealed last night.The number of so-called ‘ghost patient’ are rising by almost 6,000 a week, according to the Mail on Sunday, despite a three-year government crackdown on the issue.Doctors in England receive an average of £151 a year for each patient on their books, whether they attending appointment or now.But, millions of patients still registered at practices across the country have either died or moved away but medical record have not been updated accordingly.Corporate consultancy Capita was contracted by the NHS in 2015 to get a handle on the issue, as part of a £330m project to run ‘back-office’ services. Despite this the number of ‘ghost patients’ has continued to grow. Meg Hillier, the Labour MP for Hackney South and chairman of the Commons’ Public Accounts Committee, told the Mail on Sunday: ‘We are talking about a tremendous amount of money – as much as £550million – that is being wrongly allocated to GPs with ghost patients on their books.”At a time of severe strain on NHS budgets, this could be diverted elsewhere on patients who need it. “The fact that the number of ghost patients keeps going up underlines the chaotic nature of back office functions within the NHS.” Joyce Robbins, head of the campaign group Patient Concern, said: “Almost four million ghost patients is the size of a small country. ‘GPs are not doing enough to sort this out. It needs to be fixed.”A spokesman for NHS England, said: “We agree that this situation is not good enough and more could be done to speed up the process of removing ghost patients.” read more

17 YES IN BUNDESLIGA No license for HSV Handball

HSV Handball Only one team didn’t get the license for the next season in DKB Bundesliga! The financially most powerfull in the last couple of years, HSV Handball struggling to stay at the proffesional handball! Current EHF CL Champions and Bundesliga best team in 2011 didn’t get the license for the upcoming season, after the boss Andreas Rudolph decided to get out of the club a week ago.Other 17 teams got the green light from the League’s officials, but destiny of handball in Hamburg isn’t yellow…HSV Handball need 2.500.000 EURO to stay healthy and get chance to play next season. Final decision will be taken on June 15. ← Previous Story BATTLE FOR SLOVENIA: Stas Skube to miss crucial match of the season! Next Story → EHF CUP F4: Berlin and Montpellier are the favorites! read more

VIDEO Fill er up Plane visits petrol station then takes off

first_imghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Msb448pb07cYouTube/BLOKNOTROSTOVOH, THIS? JUST filling up my microlight. Gonna take off in a minute.Once I can find a gap in traffic, that is.Nothing to see here. Just Russia.VIDEO: I’m just waiting for a mate, officer>Classic movies recreated in 60 seconds…. with clay puppets>last_img

VIDEO Man reacts to being slapped awake by his wife

first_imghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjnbB_gPPAcYouTube/zachcurdMUSICIAN ZACH CURD asked his wife to slap him awake every day for 15 days, and film his reaction.These are the results.She starts getting creative around day 10.VIDEO: Boy tries to pick up ladies with pop lyrics. Fails miserably>6 reasons why David Brent is every boss you’ve ever had>last_img

The entire row flipped and broke but no one gave a shit

first_imgSchmidt, who also makes his final bow at the Aviva today, has offered words words of support too. The Kiwi is famed for his sharp criticism and being a stickler for detail, but he gave Best a boost by reminding him that he brings more to the table, or indeed the floor, for Ireland than just line-out throwing.“He felt I’d done a couple of clean-outs, a couple of good carries and it gives you a little bit of confidence. I know deep down that I didn’t throw well. We talked about other aspects of the line-out but I know that I didn’t throw well anyway.”When it comes time, when Sean Cronin comes off the bench this afternoon or when Ireland meet their fate in Japan, Best’s miscued throws on a hot August day won’t be near the top of anyone’s memory of the man.The assumption is Best will hang up the boots and take wellies off the shelf and focus his time on the farm, maybe in the spring. There’ll be no need to rush to anything bar a holiday after his 14 years of playing international rugby.Indeed, his connection with the game, with this team, goes back much longer than that. Best echoed a sentiment of Paul O’Connell’s this week in revealing that he has sometimes longed to be on the other side of the bus’s window. To taste a cool pint and lean against a wall while the squad rolls on by, growing more tense by the metre.Soon he can be a fan again, and relish all the trimmings around a big game on Lansdowne Road rather than always being stuck with his head in some dark place within the heart of it.To be honest, at the start, I used to go down mainly because we stopped at The Monasterboice for steak on the way home.“I did enjoy my rugby but I liked to watch it on TV and then go out and play a bit in the garden, come back and watch a bit more, go out and play a bit.“When you went to Lansdowne Road, you didn’t get the option to go out and play, but there is no doubt that the incentive of the steak got me down.“Look, when you are down there with your family, you get hooked. I suppose we have been going down as a family since I was four or five. There has been some wonderful memories there and then we have created some wonderful memories on the pitch, which I never thought I would.“Now with the kids coming onto the pitch, they have obviously had a different experience than I had growing up.“I am lucky enough that I have played long enough that they are old enough that they will actually remember loads about being me involved with Ireland. Best celebrates winning against France this year with his children Ben, Richie and Penny. Source: Dan Sheridan/INPHO“I suppose that’s one of the decisions you make when you have kids a wee bit younger. That’s what you want for them. By hook or by crook, I hung around long enough so that they could remember it.”“When you drive passing all the pubs. When you’re sitting on the bus and you’re so nervous and you’re looking out going, ‘what I wouldn’t give to be sat there with a pint and not worrying about this.’“But when you’re in the game, and you know that everyone there would give their right arm to swap with you. But when you’re sitting there, in that moment of weakness, and there’s the fear.“When you’re in the game, there’s nowhere you’d rather be.”And he’ll be there for a few more yet. By Sean Farrell Short URL Lansdowne Road in November 2006, the night Best made his first start for Ireland. Source: Billy Stickland/INPHOFOR ALL THE journeys he has made to Lansdowne Road, today’s will stick out in Rory Best’s memory for a long time to come.The 37-year-old, after upwards of 120 international caps and 221 more for Ulster, will hang up his boots after the Rugby World Cup in Japan next month. With any luck, there will be a lot of rugby still to be played before Ireland’s tournament comes to an end, just not at the Aviva Stadium.He will be back at the home of Irish rugby after today, completing a circle that began when his age was still in single digits, but it will never be the same as these matchdays when he has laced up, strapped up and fronted up in white and in green.He has led Ireland, shed blood and suffered broken bones for Ireland. From day one – or as close to day one as he can remember – his own safety was a long way down his list of priorities at this venue.“I remember sitting in the old West Stand when Gordon Hamilton scored in the corner,” Best says, bringing himself back to the 1991 World Cup quarter-final when he was nine years old.“We had to stand on the old wooden, rickety seats just to see down into the corner. I just remember the entire row just flipped and broke, but no one gave a shit because Gordon Hamilton just scored.”As with that iconic score, there’s no need to dig far to find the highlights of Best’s time on home turf with Ireland. Beating New Zealand, wins over England and the day of his 100th cap was marked by a superb display in a gutsy win over Australia. His first Test start came at the venue too, and the fear induced by a wobbly opening before a convincing win over South Africa has stuck with him.“We’d actually throw line-outs (the morning of a Test) which now seems ridiculous but then was just the norm.“I just remember waking up in the morning and the weather was horrific and I’m there going, ‘why, on my first start, does this have to be so bad?’“Throwing line-outs at Blackrock school or somewhere, the ball went about two metres, and then – woof! – it was blowing all over the place. The first line-out in the game was exactly the same and I remember going ‘oh my God, what am I going to do?’ And then (Springbok hooker) John Smit’s ball did exactly the same. Best helps push Pierre Spies over the line in 2006. Source: Lorraine O’Sullivan/INPHO“It’s funny how little things like that make you relax a little bit. I don’t know if he had 100 (caps) then, but he was very close to it. He was the captain and whenever he did it you go ‘oh right OK’. And it ended up we won most of the rest of them, I settled into the game and felt good about it.”“Those memories stand out, the Croke Park games were phenomenal, especially the England game…  the home games, it’s just a fantastic place to play, whether it was Lansdowne Road, whether it was Croke Park, whether it was the Aviva now or that World Cup game against France at the Millennium which felt like a home game.“Ultimately I think those are the things you’ll miss.“Coming off the pitch there (in Carton House) and someone’s going, ‘I can’t believe you won’t train there again’. There is part of you going ‘thank God for that!’“Coming back here in January, February, March when the weather’s horrific and the pitch is not great underfoot and you’re just there going ‘why?’“But you’ll miss jumping on the bus, leaving the Shelbourne and the atmosphere around that, when you drive past all of the pubs.” Source: Billy Stickland/INPHOOne last bus trip then, beyond O’Donoghue’s, past Foley’s, Doheny and Nesbitt’s and the namesake of his favourite long-term line-out target, Toner’s. Then it will be in under the weight of steel, concrete and glass of the new stadium for one last competitive run out.And that is where the focus lays for the Poyntzpass man. Because at 37, he can’t afford to ease off the pedal now when the defining tournament is so close at hand and Niall Scannell and Sean Cronin continue to stake strong claims for the number 2 jersey.As captain, the hooker drew a disproportionate level of the criticism flung Ireland’s way after the shellacking in Twickenham.His age makes it easy to attach a number to a sub-par performance. His imminent retirement encourages calls for the fast-forward button. However, slow starts are a necessary evil for most long-in-the-tooth athletes. Best has grown accustomed to the double-edged sword that comes with a long career and he has his own numbers to offer answers.“When you turn 30 and certainly get towards 32 or 33 those questions are being asked. I am in the lucky-unlucky position that it has now been three or four years of those questions being asked. Get the latest Rugby World Cup news and analysis, delivered straight to your inbox: Share Tweet Email3 ‘The entire row flipped and broke, but no one gave a shit because Gordon Hamilton scored’ The captain’s Lansdowne Road memories go back far beyond his full debut in 2006. https://the42.ie/4798570 center_img Sep 7th 2019, 1:01 AM 35,446 Views Sometimes you have to go right back and ask, ‘where did I finish with my fitness?’ and ‘where did I finish in the conditioning games?’ and mark all the involvements and you can see that, ‘if anything I am actually better than I was 12 months ago’.“You just have to find that confidence. The beauty of it is that my game, right back to my first cap in ’05, revolved around speed. It has never revolved around speed for me but speed of thought.“Did I do enough to make sure that mentally I can be a yard quicker than somebody that is quicker that me? Maybe not. Maybe in the first game it was the heat and everything but you have to trust that you have the ability to do it and physically I think I do. Hitting his markers. Source: Tommy Dickson/INPHO“Mentally, there is no point having all this experience if you just throw it out.”Best won’t and Schmidt won’t. The coming weeks will give the hooker a chance to round off a remarkable list of achievements as an Ireland captain: a Grand Slam-winner, skipper through a 12-game winning streak, the first to lead a win over the All Blacks and the second too.The bubble at their Maynooth base is not as impermeable as some would have you believe, but Ireland are confident that their own high standards will be delivered again. Win or Learn.“When you’re sat there in a team meeting, everyone is aware that we haven’t been near the standard we want. You feel that you’ve let yourself down, let the other people in the room down. Everyone gets cranky.”Some of the special times have been coming back from adversity, from people doubting you. Everyone knows a really talented player who just didn’t make it but maybe that’s because they couldn’t handle that. I think the bad games, you have to look back with pride over how you dealt with them, the lessons you learned.”The most important lesson? Work harder. “I remember a Scotland game at Croke Park, and they were all over us and we couldn’t win it. It was a combination of everything but being a hooker you take a lot of the flak for it. I put that on myself too.“I didn’t have the confidence because, when things went badly, I hadn’t practiced enough that I could go back and trust the throws I’d done. That was a big lesson to me and I really upped the amount of practice I do.“It’s hard in the middle of a game to think like that but when you get away you can go ‘I’ve done X amount of throws in a week’ and you can stand over that.“I’ll do practice today, I’ll do  more tomorrow and, when I’m bricking it on Saturday, when I get a moment, that’s the sort of thing you can reflect on. That it’s through the adversity that you get to there. If I hadn’t had that bad day, I’d just keep doing what I was doing and thinking that everything would be okay.” 29 Comments Saturday 7 Sep 2019, 12:00 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Utility helps local cities switch to more efficient LED lights

first_imgStreetlights that use energy-efficient technology could become a growing part of how Clark County illuminates its roadways, parking lots and neighborhoods.The cities of Vancouver, Battle Ground, Camas and Washougal have either completed or are well into pilot projects to replace several hundred streetlights that use conventional bulbs with light-emitting diode, or LED, streetlights.Officials involved in the work, fueled by federal stimulus dollars, say if the benefits of conservation, and savings in energy and maintenance costs are achieved — as expected — then LED streetlights could become embedded in the county’s land-use codes.“When a developer comes in to develop a neighborhood, we could possibly require LED streetlights to be put in,” said Jim Dunn, interim public works director for the city of Washougal.A ‘promising technology’Rick Dyer, director of finance for Clark Public Utilities, which helped the cities kick off their pilot projects, said the utility supports including standards for energy-efficient streetlights in land-development codes. The work to do that, though, will take some time, he said.“It’s a developing technology,” Dyer said of LEDs.Clark County is one of many metro areas across the United States looking at LED streetlights, among other energy-efficiency measures, as a way to achieve conservation goals and to cut down on energy costs.last_img read more

Publishers Look to Monetize Social Media

first_imgAgreements vary. Creating Facebook pages is free but the MySpace Freshman 15 program includes cross-promotion and in-book placement for MySpace. “This is more complex stuff than we would be able to sign up for as a user of MySpace,” says Johnson. At this point, Hearst hasn’t done much with advertisers across its social sites. “We’re exploring the opportunities but it would have to be under the right circumstances,” says Johnson. “There would have to be a value-exchange in place with the network. They want to sell advertising and we want to sell advertising, so we have to figure out a way to do it together and share in the revenue.”Hearst is experimenting with multiple models, including advertising in widgets. At thedailygreen.com, an ad for HDTV in the environmental news section goes with a widget that a reader can place in their own Facebook page, taking the advertising with them. Another widget is offered with Seventeen’s daily giveaway. The experiments show promise but keep in mind that the cost of building a widget can range from $5,000 to more than $100,000. “Minimally, the cost to get in the game is a few thousand dollars,” says Johnson. And determining if that’s worth it is the biggest challenge for publishers right now. “We can build widgets, we can program Facebook pages, we can be a big presence on MySpace but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re going to get a lot of traffic out of it,” says Johnson. “The best user experience is in the social network. That places the burden on the publisher to figure out how I participate in the conversation in a valuable way to me. I’ve got a million ideas for new applications and I want to launch more widgets. These are things we can do relatively quickly but how do I ensure that I’ll get something out of it and I’m not just syndicating my content and my experiences into a social network and have all my site editors spend their time on social networks all day? We’re all in the early stages but we need to figure out how to sell advertising around that and drive traffic back to our sites or figure out if we’re able to charge a subscription fee.” [EDITOR’S NOTE: For more on publishers working with social networks, look for the May issue of FOLIO: Magazine.] Just as video was in 2007, social media is the “killer app” for magazine publishers in 2008 and teaming up with an existing network offers a huge audience without much effort (Facebook’s and YouTube’s outreach to magazine publishers earned them a spot on this year’s FOLIO: 40). More than 40 member magazines of the Magazine Publishers of America keep profiles on MySpace and Facebook and many smaller publishers are jumping into the game as well. On the b-to-b side, LinkedIn is the new darling, with publishers ranging from startup DesignWorld to McGraw-Hill giant BusinessWeek creating communities. But are these efforts relegated to branding or is there an opportunity to make money on it? EMarketer predicts advertising on social sites will increase 75 percent to $2.1 billion in 2008. However, publishers would most likely be required to split a hefty share with host networks and there are some doubts about how receptive network members are to advertising in that context (BusinessWeek itself ran an article earlier this year titled, “Generation MySpace is Getting Fed Up,” that quoted the CEO of ad network Specific Media calling social networks “the most overhyped scenario in online advertising”). Hearst has created a social presence on the major social media networks for many of its titles, including Seventeen and CosmoGirl. “They have a lot more users on their site than we have on ours, it doesn’t make sense to rebuild a social network with Cosmo or Seventeen. It makes more sense to take our content to where the users are,” says Chris Johnson, vice president of content and business development at Hearst Digital. Hearst has generated “thousands to tens of thousands of users” across its social media programs, which range from a CosmoGirl page on Facebook to hosting online events at There.com to an ambitious Seventeen video program on MySpace called Freshman 15 that features 15 young women sharing videos of their experiences during their first year in college. last_img read more

Hearsts CDS Global Buys PayDQ

first_imgPayDQ will be fully integrated into CDS Global, assuming the parent company’s name. CDS Global, the fulfillment company owned by Hearst Corporation, has purchased e-payment platform provider PayDQ. The acquisition broadens CDS’ electronic payment capabilities, providing it with a stronger cross-platform billing solution.Terms of the deal were not released, but CDS CEO Malcolm Netburn says the company has targeted $15 million for digital capabilities expansion and the PayDQ deal is part of that capital investment.Many consumers still prefer to pay their bills through snail mail, but companies are making a concerted push to move payments online, and increase customers’ digital payment options. Even in the digital age, CDS handles 500 million paper transactions each year. But with PayDQ, CDS gets a service that allows it to offer a collection of online payment capabilities in one place. “However a client wants to have their bills paid we want to be that go-to supplier,” Netburn tells AD. “PayDQ provides a payment portal capability. For anyone that wants to deploy a payment portal digitally we now have the technology to accept, record and manage that payment process. This puts us in all of the digital payment touchpoints.”In other words, with PayDQ, CDS clients can have a payment portal that not only provides credit card and PayPal options, for example, but with this deal, direct bank account payments as well. “This will allow us to go right into the account as if the customer is writing a check,” says Netburn. “PayDQ has all the hooks into the banking environment that will allow us to do this.” The deal also enables CDS to expand into markets outside of the publishing community. PayDQ comes with partners in the utility, insurance, finance and retail industries. And CDS has already identified the utilities, non-profit and fundraising markets as three to continue developing.last_img read more

Penton Hires Former UBM Tech CEO

first_img “We’ve basically doubled the size of our tech business [since acquiring iNet in February], and there are a ton of very important clients in the Bay Area,” Kieselstein says. “The impetus [for establishing a San Francisco office] was to scale relationships we’re building with tech clients, not just within our tech market, but across our entire portfolio—a lot of these technologies are part of the core infrastructure that every company needs.” Miller’s hiring exemplified the approach. While Kieselstein hadn’t worked with Miller before, a number of his senior staffers had. And references like those have been given a lot of weight as the company has developed new hiring practices through a period of rapid growth. Miller’s hiring also helps illustrate where the company will go from here. “The DNA of who we think succeeds at Penton is very specific,” he says. “We had a lot of first-hand knowledge about what Paul’s capable of doing. That gave us an increased sense of confidence about his ability to fill the role.” The company recently added another experienced operator to that effect, Paul Miller. The former CEO of UBM Tech left the company in September as part of a reorganization. Miller, group president of a broad portfolio that includes energy, buildings, design engineering and sourcing, and manufacturing and supply chain markets, is replacing Bob MacArthur who leaves the company after 24 years. With a well-defined path to success, a foundational structure to accommodate growth and the leadership in place to execute that vision, Penton is looking to its next chapter. Penton’s retention rates have far exceeded industry norms, he says.center_img He’ll be based out of a new San Francisco office with about 20 other employees. While it’s a small bureau, a West Coast home-away-from-home was becoming an increasingly important priority for Penton. The strategy was clear and established early on under Kieselstein: Penton was changing from a traditional B2B media entity into an information services provider largely centered around digital, events and marketing services. Structurally, it adopted a matrix model to emphasize those areas of expertise and to allow for scale. In turn, that’s attracted talent. Half of Penton’s current staff wasn’t there when David Kieselstein took the reins as CEO in 2012, with the company pivoting away from its traditional publisher roots. Finding the right leadership for those new lines of business—namely, digital, events and marketing services—and the new employees running them, has been critical. Since Kieselstein joined three years ago, Penton has added about 600 employees. Some of those additions have gone hand-in-hand with corporate acquisitions, but the rest have been done internally, without using headhunters. Digital and social media tools aid the process, but the company’s internal recruiting team has been heavily reliant on referrals. “With a shared-services environment, two things happen that allow you to recruit top talent,” Kieselstein says. “One, the jobs you’re creating have a much bigger scope because they’re impacting the entire company, which is very attractive to [prospective employees]. And two, you can build out groups that have scale to create career development paths. If you just drop one person with a specific skill-set into a market, where do they go next? They usually leave.” “Getting the right talent into the business is the most important thing we can do,” he adds. “That said, you have to get strategy right first, then the structure, then you can go get the talent.”last_img read more

Walker ally on gas line board resigns to run for state Senate

first_imgLuke Hopkins was identified with a hastily written name card, after being appointed to the AGDC board the day before. Photo: Rachel Waldholz, APRNOne of Gov. Bill Walker’s allies overseeing the effort to build a natural gas pipeline has resigned, and plans to run for state Senate.   Download AudioFormer Fairbanks borough mayor Luke Hopkins, a Democrat, announced his resignation from the board of the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation in a letter to the governor today. He is expected to challenge North Pole Republican John Coghill, the Alaska Senate majority leader.Walker appointed Hopkins to the board last November, after removing the previous chairman and another member. The move was seen as an effort to consolidate control over the agency, which is responsible for the state’s share of the massive Alaska LNG pipeline project.Hopkins was narrowly confirmed by the legislature in April. He said he is resigning to avoid politicizing the gas line board during the campaign.In his resignation letter, Hopkins said he was prompted to run by a lack of leadership in Juneau. “Whether it be balancing the budget, providing stability and certainty for our critical industries, or supporting our University, the Legislature has utterly failed Alaskans,” he wrote.In a statement, Walker said he would begin the process of finding a replacement soon.last_img read more

Mollywood star Dileep to play the role of a soldier in Major

first_imgDileepYouTubeDileep, popularly known as the Janapriya Nayakan of Indian cinema, will be playing the role of a soldier in his new movie that will be directed by Major Ravi. The script of the movie is being penned by Benny P Nayarambalam and as per close sources, this film will be a light-hearted comedy entertainer set in the backdrop of India-Pakistan border.Major Ravi has already narrated the script of the film to Dileep and the actor has apparently given a positive nod. Unlike other military movies directed by Major Ravi that handled serious subjects, this upcoming movie will have sufficient doses of humour and romance.It should be noted that Dileep is playing the role of a soldier for the third time in his career. The actor has previously played the character of an army man in ‘War and Love’ and ‘Megham’. In the movie ‘Sainyam’, Dileep had played the role of an air force officer.Major Ravi’s previous movie ‘1971: Beyond Borders’ was just an average grosser at the box-office, even though the film was released amidst huge hype. After the release of the film, audiences criticized the director for embracing a cliched storyline which people have seen an umpteen numbers of times in military movies.In the meantime, Dileep is currently awaiting the release of his new movie ‘Jack Daniel’ directed by SL Puram Jayasurya. The film is expected to be a high-voltage action thriller, and it also stars Action King Arjun Sarja in another prominent role. The first-look poster of the film was released recently, and the makers are yet to unveil the official release date of the flick.Another movie of Dileep which is awaiting its release is ‘Professor Dinkan’ directed by Ramachandra Babu. This is a 3D film which is being shot in a lavish budget, and Dileep is apparently playing the role of a magician in this flick.last_img read more

Obama Addresses Dysfunction At Houston Event A Bill To Revive Rivalry Between

first_imgPolice round up 164 in parole violation crackdownHouston police say efforts to track down parole violators resulted in the arrest of 164 people. Police chief Art Acevedo says the crackdown was a collaboration between nine different agencies in the region, with seven more agencies to join in the future for quarterly operations.“We want parolees to know that this isn’t the region, these aren’t the counties, these aren’t the cities where you’re going to be able to violate the terms of conditions of parole,” Acevedo said.Acevedo says the effort stemmed from a series of murders over the summer that left three people dead. The suspect in that case is also accused of violating his parole. Share Wednesday, November 28, 2018Obama addresses dysfunction, U.S. security at Houston eventAndrew Schneider/Houston Public MediaFormer President Barack Obama, speaking at Rice University’s Baker InstituteFormer President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State James Baker both warned of the consequences of undermining the institutions that underpin America’s global leadership. The two addressed an audience at Rice University’s Baker Institute. Hot temperatures reduce Texas peanut yieldTexas farmers are seeing a drop in their peanut yields. Texas A-&-M AgriLife Extension Service experts say farmers planted 43 percent fewer acres of peanuts, and those who did plant peanuts were delayed because of hot dry conditions.  Once in the ground, the plants suffered heat stress, which leads to lower production. Heavy rains in September then delayed harvest and affected quality.The US Department of Agriculture forecasts estimated per-acre yields for Texas would be six percent lower than average years.Farmers were only about halfway done with their harvest before the Thanksgiving holiday, but producers took advantage of dry, sunny conditions and should now be between 70 and 75 percent complete.center_img Retail rents are up, showing good signs for the retail market, analysts sayJen Rice for Houston Public MediaThe average asking rent for retail space in Houston is $17.34 per square foot, according to the monthly retail market snapshot by commercial real estate services firm NAI Partners.That’s up by more than $1 per square foot from last year and by about $3 from 2012.Rents have increased steadily since the Great Recession, and it’s generally a good sign for the retail market, analysts say. State lawmaker files bill to revive rivalry between UT, A&MShelby Knowles for The Texas TribuneKyle Field, Texas A&M’s football stadium in College Station.The Longhorns and Aggies haven’t played a game of football against each other since 2011, but a San Antonio lawmaker wants to change that. State representative Lyle Larson filed a bill for the 2019 legislative session that would mandate a Thanksgiving weekend game between the University of Texas and Texas A&M University. If they refuse to play, the bill would not allow the schools to award athletic scholarships for that year.last_img read more

Brown Opposes Hogans Toll Road Proposal

first_imgBy Mark Gray, Special to the AFRO, mgray@afro.comJust prior to the Memorial Day weekend traffic jam, Rep. Anthony Brown (D-MD) continued urging Maryland Governor, Larry Hogan to reconsider his proposal to try and ease traffic congestion by widening and tolling the Capital Beltway before his town hall meeting in Landover.In his letter to Governor Hogan the Prince George’s County congressman expressed his “growing concern” with pIans that would expand over 70 miles of interstate roadways in Maryland by adding toll  lanes to I-495 and I-270 which connects through Montgomery County. Congressman Brown said the the Public-Private Partnership (P3) Program conflicts with Hogan’s campaign promises that were made before the 2018 election.Rep. Anthony Brown (D-MD) opposes Governor Hogan’s proposal to add toll lanes to I-495 and I-270 in order to help with congestion. (Courtesy Photo)“Decades of traffic data across the United States show that increasing road capacity does not improve traffic,” Brown wrote in his letter.  “Dozens of homes and business could be destroyed, and thousands could be negatively impacted.”Brown also called for Hogan to consider other transportation ways that will reduce the amount of auto traffic while limiting interruptions to established neighborhoods and businesses to benefit drivers of all income levels.  Several communities in Prince George’s County could be impacted by the public-private partnership project and he urged the state to respect the concerns of citizens who worry their homes could be taken in the course of the development without their voices being heard.“As the D.C. region grows significantly over the next 25 years and we continue to work to attract good-paying jobs to our area, building new toll lanes will do little to improve congestion or address our underlying infrastructure challenges and will amount to another financial burden on Maryland’s working families,” Brown’s letter continued. “Maryland must consider a variety of transportation modes that will take cars off the road. Most importantly, there must be strong community support before moving forward on any proposal.”Brown’s letter to Governor Hogan came on the eve of the first town hall meeting with his constituents at the Wayne K. Curry Sports and Learning Complex near FedEx Field.  It was the first community forum where Prince George’s County residents were provided detailed information about the potential impact of the project on the area. The Congressman told the audience of concerned citizens, options to reduce traffic should be explored, including building up the Metro and expanding the Purple Line over the Woodrow Wilson Bridge.Brown was joined by Prince George’s County Council Chairman Todd Turner who also asserted that toll roads were not a priority in the area.  Turner echoed the sentiments of Montgomery County Councilman Tom Hucker that also believes other options should be explored before toll lanes are employed.“People are concerned about the same things, they’re concerned about the impact on neighborhoods,” Hucker said. “The impact on our environment, the lack of progress on real congestion because of the imbalance, because of the fact it doesn’t include transit.”The concerns for residents in both counties is a stretch of the 1,500 properties along both highways that would be affected. It also includes 34 homes that would also be procured to make room for construction through eminent domain. Eminent domain would require the state to pay fair market value for any property it secures. Residents are concerned about the absence of transparency in the process and that the impact of P3 plans has not been fully communicated to them.“We are never, ever, ever asked how we feel, what do we want,”  said Sherry James, of Landover. “Stuff is always just pushed upon us. All of a sudden a plan is developed and its thrown out there, saying this is what it is. And it’s just not fair!”last_img read more

Revealing Gods message

first_imgCentered around the theme of communication with God, a group painting, photography, and sculpture exhibition titled ‘The Revelation’ is going on until July 15 at the Gandhi Art Gallery, New Delhi.The show which talks about revelation, communication with God and communication with the physical world exhibits the works of 22 artists who have expertise in different sections of art.Anshu Chandra, Christina Dipamoni, Himansh Sang, KalpanaTambe, Kumud Grover, Kusum Jain, Maneerasht Kampipop, Maria Margarita, Nicoletta DiBucci, Paramita Sarkar are few names whose work is on display Also Read – Add new books to your shelfSpeaking of the selection criteria, Iqbal Krishna, the curator, and organiser of the exhibition states, “In this series, the idea is to focus on the intense human thoughts and therefore we selected artists who mastered this thought.””This series is part of my ‘Deep Thinkers’ series, in which various human thought, in the form of mathematical equations, quotes, definitions, musical scores, etc are presented on the canvas. These pieces approach the topic of abstract in art by depicting a zen-like transcendent bridge between conceptual thinking and consciousness. These two contrasts are united by a careful use of curious colour series of satisfying equations.” Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveIqbal seeks inspiration from Geeta, Quran, and Bible, and coincidently got a vision to curate an exhibition that talks about the almighty’s message to his people. Therefore, to spread the message of god, he approached artists from across the globe.He believes in the idea of uniting the artists across the world who have similar thinking and similar attitude towards the present scenarios.For example, artist Sudha Jhunjhunwala’s work is centered around birds. Through her art, she wants to spread the message that women desire to be free like birds but are trapped in the hands of men.Whereas Swati’s painting talks about how mental peace is the most difficult thing to find in modern times. If one wishes to find it, he/she needs to find the true meaning of his/her existence.Iqbal believes,”With his imagination and creativity, an artist can draw his thoughts on the canvas or other mediums like sculpture or art installation or photography”.last_img read more

Breaking News Massive storm flash flooding in Colenso


Climbing the 100 Steps to crime

first_img“Robbers hide and target their victims. They watch their would-be victims and wait for the right opportunity to make their move,” says Kevin.Residents now fear for their lives. Schoolchildren regularly use the shortcuts near Egerton and LHS, and parents are worried something terrible is going to happen to them. A Ladysmith Gazette journalist recently walked up the 100 Steps to take some photos of the area and found clothes dumped along the pathway. Kevin is fed up with the constant crime in the area and says that a petition has been signed by many residents to close off the shortcut.However, the municipality has not done anything about the situation.“Not only is this pathway a danger to all who use it, but it also serves as an escape route for criminals. Something should definitely be done about it in the interests of people’s safety and curbing crime in the area,” adds Kevin. The ‘100 Steps’ shortcut that leads up from Ladysmith High School (LHS) to Shearer Road near Egerton Primary School has again come under the spotlight for criminal activity.There was once a time when this hillside pathway was considered perfectly safe to use by pedestrians, including schoolchildren, but this is no longer the case. Shortcuts around town seem to be crime hotspots, with predators known to pounce on “unwitting walkers” and steal their personal belongings.The most recent incident involved a 16-year-old and his friend, who were robbed of their cell-phones while on their way to school on Thursday, February 26. The two teenagers were walking down a hill in the Egerton area when they were approached by two people who asked them for the time.The 16-year-old took out his cell-phone to see what the exact time was and the two suspects snatched the phone out of his hand. They also took the friend’s cell-phone before fleeing on foot.Police searched the area, but could not find the suspects. According to police, a case of common robbery has been opened.Local resident Kevin Prinsloo, who lives right next to the 100 Steps, says the Egerton area has become a danger zone due to the many criminal activities that have taken place recently. WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite last_img read more

Media software Plex launches a new desktop app for Mac and Windows

first_imgPlex today is launching a new desktop application for Mac and Windows, with the goal of eventually replacing Plex Media Player as the company’s only desktop solution. The app’s arrival also signals a change in direction for the company, which will also now remove its existing Windows Store application and end support for the traditional home theater PC setup — the latter which involves a desktop computer connected to a TV or home theater.The company explains this decision was made after examining how people were using Plex today, and found that most would have an equal or even better experience with a streaming device and its new players.“It marks the end of an era for us, and we’d be lying if we said it wasn’t a little bittersweet,” the company wrote in a blog post about the change.Home theater PC-style configurations are today a bit of a holdover from an earlier era where there were fewer resources to stream personal media from your PC to your TV. Today, however, Plex’s apps for streaming devices are fairly capable, and a heck of a lot simpler to set up and use by mainstream consumers.The company also noted that the new Apple TV and Android players support nearly all the same formats and that Plex’s app for streaming devices has come a long way in recent years.“Modern streaming devices don’t need as much care and feeding as desktop computers. They don’t need to sleep (much), they use a tiny amount of electricity…and they don’t require nearly as much effort to get up and running. They have remotes that work wonderfully out of the box (no more fiddly custom key mappings!) In short, they’re designed for the environment in which you’re using them, and it shows,” the company explained, in hopes of fending off any backlash.Meanwhile, the new Plex desktop app includes all the capabilities of Plex Media Player along with support for offline access. Previously called “Sync,” this feature has been renamed to “Downloads,” and lets you take your media with you. Similar support for offline media will come to Plex’s mobile apps, too, at a later date, the company said.To use the Downloads feature, you’ll need a Plex Pass subscription. But otherwise, the new desktop app is free.Though the desktop app is meant to replace Plex Media Player, the company says it will continue to update the software until January 2020, to allow time for everyone to make the transition.Plex’s overall business has been changing, in recent years, to become more than just a home media organizer. Today, Plex is a DIY streaming solution that allows users to watch not just their own media across platforms, but also stream podcasts, news, web series and music from TIDAL, as well as capture and record live TV from a digital antenna.This change has led to other closures, including Plex’s decision last year to shutter Plugins, Cloud Sync and its “Watch Later” bookmarking feature, in addition to the technically challenging Plex Cloud.It’s unclear how successful Plex’s changes have been as the company doesn’t disclose its number of paying subscribers. However, last year, Plex said it had 15 million registered users — meaning both free and paid. In January 2019, it upped that number to 20 million and noted it had “millions” of people using Plex on a monthly basis.last_img read more