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THE 2018 IHEARTRADIO MMVA Production By the Numbers

first_imgAdvertisement Each year, a cavalcade of stars descend Bell Media HQ at 299 Queen St. West for one of the biggest street parties in the world, THE 2018 IHEARTRADIO MMVAS. This massive production lights up the sky and screens across the country, and relies on a small village of crew to stage. Here’s a glimpse of what goes into the IHEARTRADIO MMVAS:More than 1 Million – Pounds of steel and gear in the stages237,000 – Watts of audio to capture every note and scream 11,000 – Feet of cable used for the red carpet8,400 – Approximate total hours for set-up of stage and red carpet5,800 – Total feet of barricades used to hold back thousands of screaming fans4,900 – Sq. ft. of stage production2,300 – Total hours for tear-down2,048 – Total audio channels used to secure the sound955 – Number of people it takes to put on the IHEARTRADIO MMVAs each year325 – Number of two-way radios used by IHEARTRADIO MMVA staff232 – Number of desks, drawers, and chairs removed from Bell Media HQ for the awards, and reinstalled on August 27, as if nothing had ever changed!185 – Total number of light fixtures on the red carpet182 – Total number of microphones used to broadcast the show175 – Number of moving boxes used to relocate staff, and transform regular offices into exclusive backstage green rooms70 – Hours spent on sound check to guarantee the best live show possible!53 – Kilometers of fiber cable (audio/video)35 – Number of tractor trailers loading in the stage gear31 – Number of photographers who photograph the event24 – Total number of production rundown versions drafted16 – Total number of cameras to catch all the action for the audience at home8 – Number of days it takes to build the stage7 – Red carpet cameras capturing every arrival6 – Number of days it takes to tear down the stage4 – Production Trucks2 – Performance stages Advertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Twitter Login/Register With: Facebook Advertisementlast_img

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