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Courtney Smith Responds To Zach Smith’s Accusations Against Tom Herman

first_imgCourtney Smith explains the abuse she allegedly dealt with.Last night, former Ohio State assistant coach Zach Smith went on a lengthy Twitter tirade against former colleague Tom Herman and his wife Michelle. In it, he accused Herman of cheating on his wife, among other things.The entire lengthy spiel was ugly. Smith’s ex-wife Courtney has weighed in on her ex-husband’s accusations against the Herman’s.In a long address on Facebook, Courtney Smith called Zach a liar and dismissed his allegation that Herman and his wife were leaking info to reporter Brett McMurphy.“I feel the need to speak up about this latest issue with Zach and his accusations against a friend of mine. First off, please don’t believe anything he puts out there. He is completely untrustworthy and unstable and I should know since I’ve dealt with him for so long. His attacks against Tom and Michelle Herman aren’t really about Tom, but about Michelle and her friendship with me. He can’t attack her directly, so he has to use her family to try to hurt her.[ … ]“It is beyond unfair for them to face attacks for simply trying to ensure my safety and the safety of the people that were still on staff at OSU. Neither Michelle or Tom ever spoke to Brett McMurphy about anything that had to do with Zach. That lie was just another one of Zach’s delusions and an attempt by him to damage their reputation. I am the only person that has ever spoken to Brett. For the most part, they have simply remained supportive of my attempts to rebuild my life.”You can read Smith’s full comments below:This entire saga seemed to be fading into the background but Zach Smith brought it back into the forefront last night.Sadly, it doesn’t seem like it will be going away soon.last_img

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