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Gentle Darwin and the Evolution of Joy

first_imgYou may not be able to really enjoy a good laugh any more, because the evolutionists are now claiming that joy and humor are just evolutionary artifacts of gene mutations in our animal past.  Jaak Panksepp (Bowling Green U) opens an article in Science Now by twisting the opening words of the Apostle John into what he assumes is a witty remark: “In the beginning was the word… but was the word funny?”  Whether Christians will laugh is doubtful, considering the next lines:Research suggests that the capacity for human laughter preceded the capacity for speech during evolution of the brain [see next entry].  Indeed, neural circuits for laughter exist in very ancient regions of the brain, and ancestral forms of play and laughter existed in other animals eons before we humans came along with our hahahas and verbal repartee.   (Emphasis added in all quotes.)How does he know this?  Panksepp refers to anecdotal studies of animal play, and assumes that “rat humor” and “horsing around” are of the same substance and essence as human joyfulness; the obvious conclusion, therefore, is that human laughter evolved from animal play.  After all, everything in our humanness is tied to our animal past and was not designed, he assures us, because a certain exalted master told us so:Many still believe that emotional feelings, from joy to grief, are special capacities of the human brain, but as Darwin taught, it just ain’t so….We find ourselves at the tall-tale end of an intellectual era when the animal mind was deemed nonexistent or impenetrable.  Gentle Darwin was prescient when he coaxed us to see our own emotional nature as continuous with that of our fellow animals….Although our emotional systems are neither uniquely nor intelligently designed, it is a blessing that we can finally understand their affective nature….Having dismissed intelligent design with a summary judgment, he must announce the verdict: humor and joy are only relics of natural selection acting on random mutations.  News sources like MSNBC and BBC are throwing in a lot of one-liners to soften the blow.With polka-dotted conical hats and pink tassled slippers like these, need the Darwinists wonder why the rest of us give them strange looks?  (See 04/01/2005 entry).  Notice how their Great Leader, dear Charlie the Gentle, is treated like a god by the cult of Darwin.  Whatever he said is so, and whatever he said ain’t so, ain’t so.  It’s surprising they don’t give chapter and verse each time.  If you are having trouble catching the irony of their explanation, read the next entry, and also the one from 12/30/2004.  Given this background, notice how it is totally outside the box for them to even consider that maybe human joy and animal play both had a common Designer instead of a common ancestor.  Since evolution is the starting presupposition, even things as fun as “fun” have to be retrofitted into the randomness machine (and destroyed in the process).  To those sad sacks in the Darwin camp, we say chill out, lighten up, and get a Life.  Joy has no naturalistic explanation.  If it did, it wouldn’t be joy.  You can’t get joy out of molecules: it had to come from a sufficient cause – intelligence.  So listen to John: in the beginning was the Word.  Laughter is a gift, and the Giver wants your joy to be full.  Start out by noticing how silly your bearded buddha looks as an idol.  To think people actually believed this mere mortal knew how all life originated – ha!  It makes you laugh so hard, you want to cry.(Visited 20 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img

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