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P/Nagar residents call on GPL to remove broken pole, live wires

first_imgResidents of Premnaranjan Place, Prashad Nagar, Georgetown, are calling on the Guyana Power and Light to remove a broken electricity pole from the street.Residents said the broken pole has been leaning onto the road with live wires exposed for more than a month now and several reports were made to the power company to no avail.The low-hanging wires which is the result of the broken poleResidents reached out to Guyana Times to reiterate calls to the company to have the pole removed. A resident, who gave her name only as Sherry, told this publication that a month ago she made the first report to GPL when the pole started to lean. She noted that the report was taken and she was given a reference number. The woman added that after no inspection crew came to investigate, she called to inquire a few weeks later and was told that the report is with the maintenance crew. “This situation here is very dangerous. And it has been like this for several weeks now. Right now, the bottom of the pole is splitting and it’s too dangerous. All of the live wires are exposed and dragging on people’s fences,” the woman said.Further, she explained that other neighbours have also been making reports to GPL to no avail. Another resident, Donna Fredericks, also shared her concerns with this publication. Fredericks said that the wires have been hanging very low and trucks are unable to pass and as a result, they have to divert from the pole and drive onto the parapet, resulting in damages.The electrical wires hanging on residents’ fences as a result of the broken poleShe described the situation as uncomfortable and called on the responsible Minister and those in authority to instruct the power company to do its job.“I don’t know for how long more we have to endure this situation. It’s very dangerous and I’ve come to realise that things aren’t taken seriously here until it gets ugly. Maybe if someone dies then they would come here to investigate. These wires on this pole are live because these are the very wires that are giving us electricity. The pictures are there, people can see for themselves exactly what’s going on. In addition to this, look at the condition of the road…a huge break in the parapet where high vehicles are now driving…look at the condition of this place, it’s ridiculous,” she argued.Another resident, Daphne Mentore, also of Premnaranjan Place, told this publication that she too is worried about her and her children’s safety. Mentore said the wires are hanging on their fences and it is not safe for children who would often be playing in their yards. She said the pole is evidently rotted and cautioned that if the power company does not intervene soon, it can fall creating harm to those living in the area or passersby. “I really hope GPL come and do what they are supposed to, to have this pole removed. It’s been leaning here for too long and the situation is unsafe for us here. It can fall at any time and these exposed wires are also very dangerous. Especially with the heavy rains. We are pleading with them to do something,” she said.last_img

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