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Joan Alcaraz: from Villarreal to Guayaquil in search of happiness

first_imgAn endless parenthesisJoan Alcaraz’s story in Ecuador has only just begun and already has large doses of unexpected action. Shortly after arriving in the South American country, the Spanish witnessed how LDU Quito’s bar brava beat up a person who was reselling tickets to the final for the Super Cup. He also saw a robbery at gunpoint, that of a hooded motorist to the Guayaquil City doctor: “He pointed a gun at him and took everything he had on him”. Incidents that, unfortunately, are the order of the day in Ecuador. What nobody expects is the outbreak of a pandemic. Nor the death of a 20-year-old youth squad, Edwin Espinoza, shot to death after being mistaken for another person at the door of his house. “The last weeks are an endless nightmare,” discovers Alcaraz, who came to witness the burning of corpses in the middle of the street after the collapse of health by COVID-19. Nothing that has led him to question the decision he made almost six months ago. His search for happiness continues in South America. As he supposed since discovering the U-20 team of Independiente del Valle, Joan Alcaraz has found in Ecuador a source of inexhaustible talent: “It is not a minor country. It is under development and I think that, in three or four years, it will have a very important presence in South America. He does not have great financial resources, but at the talent level he is brutalAnd he is not the only Spaniard who bets on soccer in the country: Miguel Ramírez conquered the South American Cup with IDV, Ismael and Juan Rescalvo lead Emelec and Antonio Cordón, sports director of the Ecuadorian Soccer Federation, chose Jordi Cruyff as selector. “Being able to help in that construction process is what moves us all”, discovers Alcaraz.Joan Alcaraz ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Joan Alcaraz working at his home in Guayaquil, where he awaits the return of Ecuadorian football.Joan Alcaraz In the second most important city -after Quito- in Ecuador, Joan Alcaraz acts as Pool Gavilánez’s right hand man. “I do my own and rival analysis, I transmit my impressions during games and I see other footballers as possible additions. We are a young coaching staff and we do not take a step without agreeing everything. The coach is the one who makes the decisions, but we all feel important in all areas “, details the only Spaniard in Guayaquil City, a” selling “club that bases its football on ball possession:” The coach is smart and knows that if we want to expose and sell players, we cannot bet on first-round matches and He has a sensitivity for positional play, for dominating matches … If you add to that giving opportunities to young players in Primera, City is very similar to Villarreal “. “Villarreal offered me everything a professional can ask for, but I was not happy”center_img Joan Alcaraz, Spanish in Guayaquil City During his time at the Villarreal technical secretariat, Joan Alcaraz (Gandía, 1991) they commissioned him to analyze the sub-20 team of Independiente del Valle. His expectations were very low, but it only took him 90 minutes to fall in love with Ecuadorian soccer. He didn’t know, but somehow he was connecting with his future. Two years have not passed since then and Ecuador is already part of your logbook. Guayaquil City, a modest team that competes in the First Division of the South American country, is now his home. And there, more than 9,000 kilometers from his native Gandia, he has found what he was looking for.For any other soccer fan, being part of Villarreal’s technical secretariat at the age of 28 would have been enough. But Alcaraz “needed something new”: “It was very good, the club offered me everything a professional could ask for, but I was not happy. I did not feel completely full”. It was then that a visit changed his life: “The Guayaquil City coaching staff took a tour of Spain and they asked me to show them the facilities and tell them how we worked in Villarreal. We connected and, before leaving, the coach, Pool Gavilánez, he told me that he was looking for someone like me. “That was how Joan Alcaraz left an elite European club to join the ranks of a modest in South America. “Some people don’t understand it, but I needed to turn my life around and Ecuador is the ideal place to start a new path”, defends from his home in Samborondón, a 15-minute drive from downtown Guayaquil.last_img

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