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The Prosecutor’s Office reiterates the arrest warrant for the businesswoman related to Ronaldinho

first_imgThe Public Ministry also summoned the judge in the case to communicate an international arrest warrant to Interpol Paraguay so that López submits to the process to the open case for production and use of public documents with false content, among other facts investigated.Ronaldinho and his brother are accused by the Prosecutor’s Office for producing official documents with false content, a crime that carries up to five years in prison.The case dates back to March 4, when both entered Paraguay through the Asunción International Airport with manipulated Paraguayan passports.Ronaldinho planned to support a foundation with his image who organized a social assistance program for Paraguayan children and chaired by López, who received them at the airport.López’s lawyers assured that the businesswoman processed Paraguayan passports for Ronaldinho and his brother through a private agency and that he did not know that these were false.Ronaldinho’s defense then argued that both were interested in opening businesses in Paraguay and that they interpreted these passports as a kind of gift. The Prosecutor’s Office On Tuesday, he reiterated to the National Police a search and capture order against Dalia López, the Paraguayan businesswoman who was in charge of the charity project that brought Ronaldinho Gáucho to Paraguay, who is under house arrest for entering the country with a false passport.López is unaccounted for since the arrest a month ago of former Brazilian soccer player Ronaldo de Assis Moreira. and her brother Roberto, who a week ago was granted a house arrest by a judge, who they are serving at a hotel in Asunción.The judge granted that alternative measure after posting bail of $ 1.6 million.The Prosecutor’s Office recalled this Tuesday in a statement that on March 7 he issued a first arrest warrant and that when López failed to appear, he requested a guarantee court to declare her in default.last_img

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