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Occasional carriers of passengers sent a message with a protest action: Enforcement is starting, we are asking for a grant

first_imgThe Voice of Entrepreneurs Association and the Occasional Passenger Transport Initiative gathered many entrepreneurs today at the toll station in Dugopolje, where by payment in lindens symbolically indicated the loss of jobs that would soon follow and the imminent end.  “Today we spontaneously gathered and in a symbolic way, with the last money, lindens, paid tolls. We wore black clothes as another indicator of the situation we are in. Enforcements are starting today. Will we visit the graves of our loved ones on the day of the dead or will we bury our companies? We demand an immediate grant, which is full of the mouths of all ministers and the Prime Minister. There is no more patience. In this way, the occasional passenger transport sector pointed out that there is no more time, neither for promises and additional agreements, and that they are on the verge of collapse. We are not interested in empty promises, we expect concrete moves and solutions from the authorities. One cannot ignore the industry that functioned perfectly until 10 months ago and was one of the main wheels that drove the Croatian economy. Today, occasional transport fails, tomorrow caterers and souvenir shops, the day after tomorrow everyone else. We must not allow that”, He said Marko Slišković, coordinator of the Transport Subcommittee of the Voice of Entrepreneurs Association, and added that they are still waiting for an answer and urgent solutions that they asked from the Prime Minister Andrej Plenković and the line minister Oleg Butković to save this sector. Marko Slišković: We are asking for a grant Photo: UGP As they point out from UGP, they have been promised grants and access to credit lines through the media and meetings with the relevant ministries for six months now, but they have been denied access to HBOR and HAMAG funds, as well as promised grants from the European Union. commission.  last_img

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