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Month: August 2017

What are the effects of the TAG tag in the Shanghai dragon in the optimization


what effect?

user >

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

TAG tags and keywords have the same important position, I think the key words to search engine, and the TAG tag is for the user, direct visitors. Many websites will put TAG tags displayed in the foreground, such as a website for me, this is a filter products website, its TAG tag is shown below each article title, although not too eye-catching, but the user can find the opening TAG tag all the. So I think that the TAG tag is own to the classification, and then put some related articles in this category, is convenient for users to browse. For example, your article is titled "the diesel filter machine. The maintenance of common sense", the TAG tag can "air filter" or "diesel filter". read more

The website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization execution decision results


especially in the Internet era, whose web site earlier to the front row, can increase the possibility of a single. Shanghai Dragon Age optimization should focus on the "fast", seize the day, improve work efficiency. Therefore, to improve the executive power, we must strengthen the concept of time and efficiency consciousness, promote the "immediate action, immediate action" philosophy. Determined to overcome the lazy, sluggish habits, the only way you are responsible for the website to have more advantages relative to peers, has been leading the industry.   read more

How the enterprise website in Shanghai love home life

companies are basically in the second page? If in accordance with the rules now love Shanghai, love Shanghai for keyword optimization through the website of the original article, so as to improve the spider love. Then the search engine obviously on the weight of the portal has its own original editorial team is very good. Through the arrangement of the core keywords to do rankings which go beyond the ordinary business class site. This situation seems to have no doubts, to love Shanghai double profit through such behavior: read more

About Shanghai dragon Er mentality don’t get emotional about ranking

ranking is there, not high not low

ranking in the heart, quietly stick to your

you cry, laugh or

, or in

ranking is there, not sad not happy

it was a Indoorsman, not the money to the house, as a novice with confidence, fresh things full of longing and infinite want to use it so just fishing for gold, spend all the effort to do it, for this house. That kind of feeling, if you describe it, should be a lottery mentality, feel your persistence will be rewarded. So, it has been in the house, a day sitting in front of the computer, with their own "newborn". Sometimes, my girlfriend also complained that I said, since the Shanghai dragon, I communicate with her less obvious, even in order to rank unstable temper to her. But these, I do not realize. Until now, in retrospect, feel very sorry for her, and for ranking emotional yourself pretty funny. Just as a necessary road for beginners, I don’t say much, according to the poem Yingjiacuo bin, I jokingly made a doggerel. Is the original, entertain, here also give you a happy read more

On the road of the development of health food web site where

user understanding

, a health and health

for the purchase and consumption of health food, many home users are starting from the infant, juvenile, adult, middle-aged and elderly body. Life told the author, now many people pay great attention to diet and health and health care, and for the office of a group of people usually do not have time to the Internet to find resources on the Internet only at night, so the network has become the kind of people often go to places, so understanding the user is one of the important. read more

How to make the target keyword targeted

now that you know what is the target keywords, then how to choose the target keywords has become a priority among priorities.


select the target keywords to assess the overall site, personnel allocation, industry characteristics, competitive. If the promotion stage of the site are as follows: Shanghai dragon, for promotion, DM ads, car ads, TV media, micro platform marketing comprehensive brand website construction, so the website can choose keywords is hot, if we are just a small entrepreneurial team or only limited funds as the first network launch. The target words more easily as the first step. read more

Website optimization how to lay a solid foundation

, "in the beginning of the design, there are many factors to consider, the main factor is the user experience, followed by the optimization effect, only the reasonable layout and perfect user experience, will bring certain effect to a web site, users are not happy.

website optimization has been to Silia pounds is known, but how to make the desired effect that Shanghai dragon is always a difficult problem, with the time of return, Shanghai dragon more and more, large size of Shanghai dragon is also more and more, and in these people, a large part of Shanghai dragon is know some wrong, Shanghai dragon website optimization work is also very important, the first preparatory work must be done: read more

The web page title how to do Shanghai Dragon


a website is not only a home page and column page, news page, product page, page labels and so on, the page title how to do? We may understand what I mean, or I want to say is all I want to say you are wrong, you say I understand I said, you do not understand, what is it? Look at the following

column page is the most important content of the fit is correlation, the contents related to the large number of stacked together in the title above can be done to expand the appropriate, to meet our proposition of accurate content, the column content of many, the integration of many aspects, if only the title named single keywords or long tail word is it is not accurate enough, so we can put the appropriate title to the construction site expansion, for example, can take the title set to include website information, website templates, technical documents and other content title. read more

To optimize the three stage the website ranking is so simple

the contents of the website design, and can be in different directory page, professional solutions for different problems, give users a VIP feeling, can bring loyal users for the website, improve website viscosity.

is also based on the preliminary site layout of our users the main demand analysis of the industry and determined, in general to find user groups, data combined with user psychological logic, will be the site of the plate layout as far as possible simple and clear at a glance.

site can not be immutable and frozen to obtain the long-term stability of the rankings, this is also the reason why we should do regular fine-tuning the website. According to the maximum demand in different periods of the user, to make reasonable adjustments, to be able to stabilize the website ranking. read more

Why we should pay attention to Shanghai dragon optimization skills

from the above discussion and examples in this case, Guizhou once think we should be very clear to see is very important to grasp the Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques, which we can reach > in the promotion of the marketing of products

for this problem we should pay enough attention to, do not think that this is of no great importance thing, in fact, master the skills of the product is our success is a necessary prerequisite for better sales and promotion of our products, so that if you don’t have the skills of Shanghai dragon optimization so basically, you are not to use the product. So the words you can not let you achieve a more ideal effect when using this product. read more

Where is the problem of loss of visitors

2. sites, all keywords are a home. Although there are many words ranked in Shanghai love home, but are generally customers visited immediately after the turn off, because the positioning of the site is not strong, the customer to find your page, you need not feel his website content, will be shut down, the next time will not come.

1. was first to do, don’t do some false things, if you write something, are fabrications, not practical, will certainly make people feel sick, not experts may not know, but if knowledgeable people can know. In the course of time, believe that your site credibility will be reduced, finally will keep customers, because the fire cannot be wrapped up in paper. read more

What do Shanghai dragon should avoid the spider trap

has many webmaster website love to jump, is to have high traffic, although the jump is a good way to attract traffic, but the jump set, the spider crawling process will reduce the degree of safety, finally also immediately exit, will scarce crawling site, so do the jump site don’t try to do the best jump.

jump There are a lot of

flash is the most web sites have, because flash can produce good effect to the website so many webmaster, love flash, but when the flash page is written a string of gibberish, so if your site is Shanghai dragon, so the spider crawling your site flash code, the spider may be misleading or not recognized, so the spider finally feel unsafe websites, do not trust the last exit, so your site may have the rare spider crawling consequences, it is recommended that you do not use GIF instead of dynamic pictures, flash. read more

The Ji’nan Armed Police Hospital and the competitor is how to do optimization

analysis of Ji’nan Armed Police Hospital and competitor


and URL:

Ji’nan anorectal Hospital

Ji’nan anorectal Hospital

of the Ji’nan Armed Police Hospital

channel optimization has quickly started more than half a year, and many owners are busy, stop the chain every day. In the "content is king, the chain for the emperor" era, many webmaster to do outside the chain as a very important task. At the beginning of May because the chain included and ranking or lifting or joy or sorrow. Can be a long time, will inevitably be sleepy, watching their every day to do a lot of the chain has no effect when the heart began to sweat. So, start thinking about how to improve their work efficiency. Look at the A5 station a lot about Shanghai Longfeng paper, that benefit. This is thanks to A5 owners to give me a platform, so that I can continue to learn, continue to grow. Below, some analysis on his Ji’nan Armed Police Hospital and competitors. Don’t write well, also hope you heroes exhibitions. read more

The medical network marketing way actually risk and price risk search


no medical network marketing, search engine ranking as a fundamental solution of

medical industry is restricted in other marketing channels (such as TV media are also on medical.

today, love Shanghai medical auction in a popular CCTV exposure and under the pressure of gradual convergence, although love Shanghai Xinyoubugan, but this is the final mode of medical bidding will exit the stage of history! What is it? A few years ago, Shanghai launched the love nest, poor effect. Today, Shanghai vigorously launched love love Shanghai health, the user experience has improved, but conversely, the threshold will be higher, the effect is not as good as the bidding! And search engine for their own profit, in the case of less export flow, can only raise prices. It is said that, in the search for promotion in medical industry, is certainly the cost will be higher, and the effect on read more

The pseudo original is absolutely not blindly copying the original

second, pseudo original target is its essence, to its dregs. Only had very good content to improve, it can attract more people’s attention. Many friends say copycat, but why there are a lot of people love to copycat copycat? Because from the perspective of users, allowing users to pay less equal interests or more benefits.

What is the ?

as everyone knows, the pure acquisition is very bad for us. All aspects of our website weight than others, collecting things even included also won’t the corresponding seat in front of. It is considered plagiarism is more The loss outweighs the gain.. So the pseudo original is a better choice. The machine is divided into pseudo original and artificial, relatively machine pseudo original content to read many fundamental impassability, no user experience value, it will make people disgusted. So we suggest that artificial pseudo original guardian. read more

The secret why web site in the highest weight

although we all know that the website weight is the highest, but why, I believe that many owners are still not knowing why it is so here is a secret, the higher the reason behind the front page. For the weight of the website, can be further subdivided into age, weight and Position page and links the four aspects, so start again from the four aspects of the right can be found behind the secret.

second page weight. For the love of Shanghai only included a page on a web site, will give the corresponding weights, and if to help users more big, so the page weight will be greater. And a lot of pages within the website have a higher weight, but these pages tend to link to the home page, this will bring more weight to the home page, and a website home page for page number to the most, so get into the weight will be more. So the home page weight is the highest. read more

Ma Yun issued a document to entrepreneurs culture is the development of enterprises DNASheng listed

"with what kind of mission, it will decide how to recruit people.". It is the boss who decides the company to fail, and the key to the success of the company is the employees." Ma split the division of labor between the boss and employees.

on the founder of cultural construction, Ma Yun’s view is "to do is: say and think of the same.". What you did was the same as you said. You can change what you say and think because you thought there will be progress, but what is the most key inside and outside the executive culture. Employees don’t see what you say, but how you do it." read more

Gold rush station SkyDrive’s money making is on the declineTaobao customers must comply with the ten

six, must have a certain network of knowledge, if you do not even HTML will not, as soon as possible to learn, it is not difficult. It will be of great help to you.

four, do everything must have the direction, and so do the Taobao customers. Face different customer groups and promote different products. No one goes to a clothing store to buy a car MP3.


two, on Taobao’s road, there are many ups and downs. Some need you to explore the past, others need help from some friends. No matter on the Internet or in reality, friends are indispensable, read more

Want to start from the media Think about these five questions firstWhere to Zhuang Chenchao start up

was acquired by sh419 in the selection, Zhuang Chenchao mainly consider two conditions, one is the non competition, a separate listing of rights, this is where two bifurcation points and sh419 5 years might think. Before the deal was reached, Zhuang Chenchao made a careful analysis of the strategic differences over the next five years.

was in the online travel industry, where faces many enemies, including large scale than where Ctrip, including like sh419 flow very large company, if sh419 was very determined to enter the online travel market, also can have great impact on the market, of course also includes parallel companies and some smaller companies. read more

Amoy owners you put the mentalityShe her entrepreneurial economy and there was not buried in the da

third: now a lot of shopping guide station is a comprehensive website information and shopping to combine, this requires the webmaster, have a certain aesthetic ability, whether to choose the information in line, need to public taste, so no matter for included or for customer retention are lethal weapons. The second is to recommend the choice of shops and commodities, it is best to carefully selected, so that the choice of guests will have the opportunity to patronize again. For example: birds and birds magic wardrobe handmade DIY shop I recommend, this is no commission shop, but things are good, good things, of course, share with you. read more