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Month: September 2017

Noble baby Analytics recently optimization analysis of new user interface

visualizationThis small

if you want to adjust the proportion, you can click on the square icon, and then you will see the

we all know the statistics before the free version of GA for daily visits more than 500000 of the site is to take the way of sampling. Now the default this number value becomes 250000. (you can still be adjusted to 500000) according to GA, this approach is conducive to improve the speed of loading report. And now GA on this mechanism and made some improvements, that is to allow users to select independent sampling ratio. read more

Links platform 90 days to build a daily online website 1W

said the exact "chain artifact" is a Links exchange software client, non web platform

a conservative estimate of at least 30-50 million websites every day to exchange chain demand, it includes a large number of Links specialist. This is how as can be imagined the prosperity of the market, but the demand is scattered in different places, such as: Links platform, webmaster forum, QQ group;

application, through the successful exchange of data

Every kind of The first step of data. read more

Love Shanghai algorithm to adjust the test results for further observation and Solutions

recently love Shanghai adjustment as we all know, yesterday I wrote an article "love Shanghai algorithm to adjust the test results and solutions", today to further yesterday were observed under the summary, the morning observation is also good, Harbin website design and website production in Harbin Shanghai first to restore love, look like to see small adjustment effect a problem, but that is the love of Shanghai may be testing adjustment, because there is a snapshot of the station back to November, has returned to the previous position, so I analyze the possible love Shanghai adjustment is still in the testing phase, there is a station should not in his current position but love Shanghai may be adjusted to the need to temporarily not change his ranking. read more

What is the competitive word How to classify keywords

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience

special chain optimization:

;The crowd

brand: corporate brand related keywords, to maintain the existing or potential users of the brand ofuser tendency;

what is the competitive word

The read more

Website optimization black and white contest

white is bright, is the day. This kind of optimization is called "white hat" optimization technique, which is currently 90% of the people in the use or study the optimization model, but the effect is not so fast, is not to say that all the words in all industries will be like what are the current Shanghai dragon training institutions said that this is just magic. Shanghai dragon re a strong will, need the test, need to keep! Method are on-line, only a few people can really understand the true meaning of Shanghai dragon. This "white hat" optimization is through formal channels, conscientious start from the construction site, allowing users to feel content quality and user experience, can let search engine feel of the site, page design, label notes and other details of various aspects of the design is reasonable, can make the search engine more easy to search the content of the site. Of course, I also made a formal pipe machine industry optimization station group, try to "white hat" optimization effect, the figure is a ranking of some of our word read more

When the Shanghai dragon face search engine 1 function

the user initiative and discourse is not terrible, terrible is you had no plans to build a good be useful to the user site. I believe the search engine that powerful database will not let those spam sites occupy the limited resources.

Google search engine "+1" function believes that many webmaster know and understand. Although there is no universal application, but the intent is remarkable.

second, really put the user experience of the website to go up, not to simply meet the search engine to do optimization, but also effectively stop to consider the site of the entire layout and structure in the user’s point of view. Only the perfect combination of the two, in order to truly make search engines allow users to love love. read more

The importance of website optimization keywords you know

!Many novice Oh!

so today we will talk about how to choose your keywords! I hope you still give my most enthusiastic support, do not mean your hands of the flowers, applause, egg even, my home is not the lack of this, we take home filling body… Hehe…

fourth, is a question that needs long-term attention, with the user’s search keywords to make the corresponding change, but also to collect the key words from various aspects, immutable and frozen does not work, you don’t know what the user will change the search term, so you have to do is to find ways to understand what the word for users, with the most, and you can bring effective browsing amount of user search keywords, for example. Search for Apple users may have several, one is watching movies, the two is the apple mobile phone, three is to look at the apple mobile phone prototype, four is to want to buy this kind of mobile phone, the four user will expand the search term, the movie will add. read more

Tanabata chain Christmas Thanksgiving integral big broadcastThose fantastic small action determines

I don’t know what feelings do excellent webmaster, anyway, I put in the website to connect all the excellence are deleted… Now that dangdang also follow this policy, and by this method the survival guide books, is certainly not.

saw this post: Ming: excellent VIP price perspective, a dirty corporate culture. I have to share the excellent practice of extreme pettiness of character. Character determines destiny, and excellence is always "withholding money" in these details". I am not Dangdang fans, nor is it china-pub loyal users, as a webmaster speaking, we mainly consider: read more

Website optimization used for you

have such feelings, for a period of time after the site optimization, the ranking is also good, but falling in love with a sea update not by K, is the site is down right away, ranking.


2: a certain foundation of friends, formed the Shanghai dragon primary optimization thinking. Need to optimize their thinking > Shanghai Dragon

This is due to the

not have such feelings, and time to optimize the site, often spent a lot of time and experience, a few months down, that data is increased, ranking no improvement, this time, the boss began to talk to you, you are anxious, finally no solution. read more

Let me benefit from the A5 clinic services team to optimize the shallow well

I early for a friend to do a website related to the 贵族宝贝lite0769贵族宝贝 stainless steel, stainless steel industry fierce competition on the Internet, many of these projects do. The effect is good, but unfortunately things come, big adjustment unfortunately caught, content page is K, the home page is K.

is >


review, the clinic experience, hope for some help novice:

The second step: the internal

as a webmaster, A5 almost all the staff must do optimization on the site, there are vast amounts of knowledge to learn every day, the latest on search, marketing, point information and so on, there are tens of thousands of websites will collect relevant articles every day, this let us soft outside the chain can be diversified. So good… I want to you than me. I am not clear, today to introduce Admin5, but thanks to Admin5 optimization team, for their clinic services, will also be introduced to some Admin5 optimization team is still relatively confused or K station also puzzled the webmaster to do some relevant guidelines. read more

See the latest algorithm from love Shanghai business circle the game ranking changes

also has a lot of new sites participated in the business circle of Shanghai Longfeng contest, found a lot of new sites have emerged a few days are not included or included very few cases, it also shows that the love of Shanghai to the new sites included more and more strict, and in the past, in addition to the railway station to the railway station, need to look beyond the page is to take the first index after the release of the principle of so many new sites are not participating in good rankings in the short term, but the owners do not need to worry about, this is just love Shanghai for a new period of study, believe that every ER Shanghai dragon have suffered many new sites, so in the above to correct attitude during this period, good job content and the chain, etc. after > read more

High quality content and the chain can be obtained at the same time

station is the simplest and most difficult is the content and the chain. It is simple because people can write articles, will send the chain. It is difficult because of how to achieve high quality content and the chain. High quality is very important, if you can solve the problem of high quality content and the chain, the other problems were small. In fact, high quality content and the chain can be obtained at the same time, how to get

1. of the original, reproduced or copied to the journal that is too naive. Don’t waste your time and editor of time. read more

4 aspects of the new out of the sandbox effect to avoid

2. new sites not open large 2 level domain name. Some owners may want to start a good cloth, so in the main domain name opened five or six even ten above the two level domain. What is more, there are plans to develop a large number of top gun owners, three level domain name. Not much management pattern, you slowly, the search engine can not eat this set you live.

Don’t complain about the new

website optimization including excessive station optimization and stood outside optimization excessive excessive. read more

Enterprises do love Shanghai three rules for bidding

1, promotion plan, promotion unit to clear

promotion plan is unit key words / ideas, establish the promotion plan and promotion unit according to different target. The promotion plan and promotion unit be arranged management, can facilitate the efficient management of enterprise accounts, also facilitate the unified description behind the title and creative, a clear structure of the promotion plan, promotion unit can greatly improve the quality of key words, do Shanghai people know the importance of bidding quality, if people do not understand it love Shanghai check. Here to share the love of Shanghai for the account of a screenshot of the textile machinery industry: read more

Can not bear the pain of the affected server Shanghai Dragon

I only talk about the recent experience of server things in their own lessons to verify the advanced experience, tell everyone to do Shanghai dragon, not only the content, the chain is you should focus your attention, safety and stability of the server you are most in need of attention. My station (Xibaipo tourism 贵族宝贝xbpcity贵族宝贝) chose the server, because the figure is fast, independent of IP, but also cheap, so I chose a fairly well-known domestic service providers. I consider some of the factors to make me do Shanghai dragon brought a lot of convenience, fast speed, IP independent, so without much effort, time is not long, the ranking is very good. Intermediate servers are often some small faults, I don’t care, and server machine, there is no guarantee that no problem. One day, the site open, I still think that small fault, a day is all right, the results of the second day or open, quickly contact service asked how the home space business and now the Internet has been condemning, because of his attitude and problem solving speed. Submitted, I was waiting in torment, one day, two days, every day I urge, can sometimes open, sometimes open, so probably about 3 days before the official visit to. But not happy long, when routine inspection found the title, description tools cannot grab information, using simulation tools to detect the spiders crawl, found it impossible to grab web content, how is it going on, open the site is very normal. Then to the space business inquiries, reply server attacks with the firewall. With a firewall, the spiders are shielding, spiders can’t come, I can open the station what, so I need to remove the space business firewall, such a simple request and wait 3 days to do so, a week later, I had a frantic week. I think, when the update, I must stand up. read more

Shanghai is in love the chain to reduce repeat our content

remember that article I had written above, after a few days the article was reproduced at least hundreds of times, but now look at Shanghai love of the article included. A variety of reasons are that love Shanghai in this waste to reduce the reproduced content. For the love of Shanghai such a move I think there are a few relatively large influence for us to do the Shanghai dragon webmaster.

second is for those who often use the incidence of webmaster may will be a heavy blow. We use mass software is nothing more than to save those to each site sent by the time, the rapid promotion of their own site or brand, but now the group out content has not been included or love Shanghai, love Shanghai before the hair content is slowly removed, the mass of those software developers also bring a great impact. read more

Shanghai Longfeng soft power to improve work efficiency

Shanghai dragon purpose and search engine is the same: to give the user valuable content, help users with web content. Dear Shanghai dragon, you are a group of people the Internet community the most diligent, you can live alone to face all the challenges from superiors and disdain; you can endure loneliness, like a robot, a person to do simple things repeat; you have strong anti pressure and endurance, can work continuously every day more than 14 hours, and adhere to the uncertain future results; you kind, brave, dare to challenge, always full of confidence in life, no matter how search engines to you, even after being kicked out, you never give up easily. No matter how, whether you are in Shanghai Longfeng achievements is large and small, I have expressed respect for you, maybe you are just not method. You only know how to send the chain, add content etc, you know the lack of Shanghai Longfeng soft power of your read more

Shanghai dragon Er to remember that continuously improve the ability to work in the optimization wor

fourth, continuous learning and self improvement ability. Learning and thinking is the webmaster must insist for a long time, frozen three days a day learning depends on the accumulation and thinking, especially the optimization optimization work is becoming increasingly competitive, we must constantly improve their learning ability, mainly in the Shanghai dragon to enrich our knowledge of the industry, learning new marketing learning skills, better communication and communication methods of others, learning about the need to master the basic knowledge of site operation and maintenance in the process of establishment and basic image processing capabilities, in order to do everything to Shanghai Long Feng optimization work to make myself better, improve their. read more

Sharing process how to embark on the road of Shanghai Dragon

through our efforts finally website online, the first day received five orders is very good, the order to the confidence, but because of the good times don’t last long promotion platform do promotion and use are the same with competitors, the website often attacks and threats, sometimes also go directly to the site and I said through the client system, see their technology powerful or the server. The product plus then I do the product was named L-carnitine is a network market is not very boom, the day is also more and more the first approximation of the year we all think this can FengFengGuangGuang home for the new year, after the above situation completely blow the enthusiasm of everyone, the sales volume gradually decline and finally got all day A single no, then there are more than a month to celebrate the new year, "here is the Guangzhou Yitong Packing Products Co.," said a friend to go home next year planned a "never again, I want to have that brother asked the count down did not lose much money" of the author and he said to come back now this station accounted for when do, to do so will be a loss, I want to go home but that cash strapped ah a year back again can’t just walk back ah, my friends say that you will find a job, then there is no way in talent online vote under the resume, University of electronic business, has been engaged in this industry before I really want to do is sell additional products issued additional keyword for the keyword through the Internet portal and B2B platform Must understand, at the time of the Shanghai dragon can be said to don’t understand in the university has not heard of the term, < later I read a study before the network marketing and planning this course a chapter simply introduces some basic knowledge about search engines, then pen only Dawu not previously thought study the textbooks about ah, exclaimed again and again to say English is not very good, now I really regret in college before, but I still put in your resume in about recruitment network promotion, e-commerce position. read more

Talk about doing those things outside of the chain

I will say that I was how to accumulate resources. I did not immediately go back to work every day. I will go to search competitor’s website. I will go to the analysis of what they do outside the chain. I noted that at the time of the site that the new table, the chain must have their attractions. I will go to search at the same time, I still use the notebook to record platform that have not been found. Second I will establish a resource library at work, for those high quality forum resources are on their classification. Have access to the. I hope these two little skill to help novice. read more