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Eco-friendly car washing

first_imgBy Sharon OmahenUniversity of GeorgiaWith a restricted schedule for outdoor water uses statewide, when can you wash your car? A University of Georgia expert says you’ll save time and water during the drought if you do it at a car wash.Certain days, timesGeorgia is now using its level-2 outdoor water-use schedule. Outdoor water uses are allowed only from midnight to 10 a.m. on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at odd-number street addresses and on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at even-number addresses. Outdoor watering is banned all day on Fridays.”Most people aren’t going to stay up until midnight or get up early in order to wash their car within the allotted watering times,” said Rose Mary Seymour, a water specialist with the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.Many people visit car washes because they save time. But they save water, too. “Most measurements and surveys indicate that it takes less water to wash a vehicle at a car wash than it does washing it at home,” Seymour said.Do they recycle?Before you go to a car wash, Seymour said, make sure you select one that recycles their water.”The water we use goes into one of three holding tanks,” said Tommy Cox, manager of Minit Car Wash in Griffin, Ga. “The first tank traps the heavy dirt, the second the light dirt and the third holds the dirty, soapy water. This is the water that we filter and recycle.”Cox said he only uses fresh water for the final rinse.”The pressure system we use helps knock off the mud and dirt without using a lot of water,” he said. “And the final stage, when the vehicles are wiped with cloths, is just like rubbing your hands together to get them clean.”Much less water than home washingCox’s system uses 55 gallons of water per vehicle. But 20 minutes of car washing at home would use 100 to 200 gallons of water, Seymour said.”A typical garden hose without an end nozzle has a flow-rate range from 5 to 10 gallons per minute,” she said. “Most people take longer than 20 minutes to wash their cars, so you can see how much more water it takes than going to a car wash.”Seymour said washing cars at home uses more water partly because many people don’t take the time to attach an adjustable nozzle to their hose.”The water that flows down the driveway while you’re washing your car is a huge waste,” she said. “Use a bucket of sudsy water to wash your car. And turn on the water only when you’re ready to rinse.”If you insist on washing your car at home, she said, you must do it during the appropriate outdoor-watering day and time.Dishwashers use less water, tooSeymour said another common myth is that dishwashers waste water.”Surveys show that washing dishes by hand uses much more water than a dishwasher does,” Seymour said. “Just make sure you wait until the dishwasher is completely full before you run a load.”Like car washes, dishwashers use water and pressure to clean.”The same principal that makes car washes more efficient applies to dishwashers,” she said. “Your dishwasher does recycle some of its wash water as well. That may sound unappealing, but you can rest assured that the heat in the drying process sanitizes everything.”Using fewer kitchen utensils will cut down on the times you have to wash dishes, too.”Just because Rachel Ray puts each ingredient in a separate dish doesn’t mean you have to,” Seymour said. “If you cook like she does, you’ll have a lot of extra, dirty dishes to deal with.”last_img read more

Foreign Appeal…Greek government wants to reform casino sector attracting international players

first_img Share Greek leisure approval sees OPAP return to full capacity June 8, 2020 Submit Greek retail closures rock OPAP Q1 performance June 11, 2020 OPAP delivers on Athens children’s hospital CSR projects July 6, 2020 StumbleUpon Related Articles Share Greek news source Ekathimerini has reported that the Syriza government may seek to reform industry taxes on casino gambling in order to make its national market more attractive to foreign companies.The Greek government may move to present new legislation to the Economic Ministry aimed at propelling Greece’s casino sector, by creating conditions attractive to international players willing to invest in the Greek economy.Ministers may table a consultation reviewing Greece’s current gambling ‘turnover tax’ set at 30-37% dependent on gaming vertical. Seeking to gain new players for its casino market, Syriza may move to reduce taxes on slots and table gaming.Revamping its casino sector, the government wants to gain high-quality gambling venues attractive to its growing number of tourists (projected 30 million by 2018). A reform attractive to foreign operators would see the Greek government gain much-needed tax revenues from better gambling enterprises as well as licensing procedures.Winning the 2015 Greek General Election, the Syriza Party ( the coalition of the left) have earmarked major reforms to gambling in order to create much-needed tax revenues. In May 2015, Syriza approved a fixed 35% gross-gaming-revenue tax for all online gambling verticals.Further to a potential casino sector reform, the government has allowed for a new tender to create a new Casino resort on the site of its former Elliniko international airport outside of Athens.last_img read more

200km charity run changing perceptions

first_imgYou might remember a story on how a man is attempting to run 200km for fire safety and burns prevention.The walk has begun….The 200km charitable running challenge from Aflao to Accra has seen the team led by Kwame Anane-Crane reach over 1200 people so far. The message of fire safety and burns prévention has been taken to three major Senior high schools along the way.The run started off at Aflao border on Sunday morning and continued for 21kms to Agbozume where the team spoke to local sports clubs and students of some secondary schools.On Monday 25th April the team pressed ahead to Abor secondary school and Akatsi SecTech where over à 1000 students were engaged and later took the pledge to handle fire and hot substances with care to avoid accidents.The outreach team also showed participants crucial first aid actions in response to burns. The Burns support run is an initiative of Crane’s Appeal which aims to use sports and the physical challenge of à long distance run to reach as many students and local communities as possible on the road from Aflao to Accra. The event is supported by the plastic and reconstructive surgery unit of the Korle Bu teaching hospital.A huge number of cases brought to the hospital come from accidents involving hot liquids and gas explosions.All participants who attended the awareness events agreed to do the following and talk to others too:1. Avoid transporting hot substances from one place to the other. Someone could run into you or you could even trip.2. Gas cylinders should be kept outside the kitchen in an airy place. The connecting tubes should be checked and replaced regularly to avoid leaks. 3. In homes with young children, hot food should not be served on tables covered with a table cloth. Kids cab easily pull the cloth and spill the contents.4. In the immediate aftermath of à burn, the most effective first aid is to pour a lot of normal water on the affected place before heading for medical care.The run is scheduled to end in Accra on Monday 9th May.To support, volunteer, join or track the progress of this 200km challenge, you can follow the team on Twitter @craneappeal.  All interested donors can contact the team on 0264646449 or 0267052451 – Follow Joy Sports on Twitter: @JoySportsGH. Our hashtag is #JoySportslast_img read more