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Fruit franchise business Raiders introduced

fruit has now become a kind of food, our life can not lack at the same time, every day now people for the fruit demand is very big, in the society also opened a lot of fruit shop, there are a lot of people to join in the fruit shop.

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Five types of characteristic agricultural industry development trend

look at the current agricultural market is a kind of market opportunities for the development trend, for the current development of the agricultural industry, we venture to continue to explore new business opportunities.

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Gym renovation should pay attention to what issues

is different from the general store, if you want to open a hot business gym, not only need to do a good job of related services, but also with a suitable decoration, so as to be able to get a higher recognition. So, the gym should pay attention to what issues? Let me see small series of.

investment gym is a very important work is the decoration. Decoration or decoration works are not familiar with, then find a decoration company, it can help you solve everything. But if you do not understand the fitness function and features of the gym, it is likely to be renovated into hotels, bathing, shopping and so on, people can not see this is a gym. read more

2016 nternational Forum on innovation and entrepreneurship wonderful not to be missed

for innovation and entrepreneurship believe that each person’s point of view is not the same, many successful people in the public to communicate with each other’s point of view, to bring the audience is absolutely wonderful. Therefore, the 2016 International Forum on innovation and entrepreneurship is absolutely not to be missed.

3 on the afternoon of 7 may, a collision of ideas, innovation and entrepreneurship International Forum held in our school library hall. From the United States, Sweden and China incubator operation management and risk investment experts at the forum, summarizes experiences and lessons at home and abroad incubator operation management and innovation and entrepreneurship education, discussed in the tide of innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship education China university how to better face the challenges and opportunities, realize the benign and healthy development. read more

Five ways to help fast food restaurants increase turnover

accelerated pace of life, urban people are in love with fast food, so open a fast food chain to start a business is a good choice. Want to open a successful home fast food chain to master certain business skills, so as to ensure the success of the operation.

The use of

propaganda tool

recommended store printed part of leaflets, in low peak period the employee have paid work, can intercept out in front of the shop in the vicinity of the peak before the low peak period can also arrange staff on carpet in the store within a radius of 5 kilometers, to intensify propaganda. read more

Chinese opportunity to attract overseas overseas Chinese intellectual participation in the developme

The development process of

China in recent years is seen, with the implementation of entrepreneurial innovation policy, but also to China entrepreneurs bring the "golden age", not only that, "China opportunity" has also attracted many overseas Chinese home business, to bring more power for the development of the new Chinese.

figure for overseas Chinese enterprises responsible person to recommend to investors in Fuzhou.

3 15 July, Fujian Province Overseas Chinese Affairs Office staff in the promotion conference in Fujian overseas dream garden "of the situation. On the same day, Chinese chamber of Commerce Science and Technology Innovation Committee "into the overseas dream garden Fujian special promotion will be held in Fuzhou, from the relevant departments in Fujian province staff introduced the relevant supporting policies to Fujian innovation and entrepreneurship by returning overseas Chinese professionals, in order to attract overseas overseas Chinese intellectual participation and the development and construction of Fujian. read more

泽尔达天空之剑的传说透露细节E3 2013 黑暗巫师技术演示












泽尔达传说:天空之剑可用于任天堂Wii在欧洲,11月18日。 read more




PlayStation Store(通过PS3、PSP和媒体去)特别优惠








































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2012 entrepreneurial rich without taboo

entrepreneurial wealth is the expectations of every entrepreneur, whether it is in 2011 or 2012, worth mentioning, a lot of people are expected to eventually be able to enjoy their own successful entrepreneurial success. However, when you have a cavity blood, but also to maintain a calm heart oh.

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Cattle Lina sell pattern jelly earn big money

because of their love to eat, coupled with such resources, so they decided to engage in such a business, such a business case is very much, the hero of this article Newlina also embarked on such entrepreneurial path. This year 25 year old Lina likes to eat snacks, especially jelly, but because of fear of fat, always eat very unhappy. After graduation, she worked as a salesman at a food store in Zhengzhou, and found that there were a lot of customers who had similar "sweet troubles". Lina thought it would be nice if the jelly was sugary and healthy. As a result, she started from her hometown of seaweed jelly, invented a series of delicious pattern jelly, popular market. read more

Business is always full of energy

now has a lot of shopkeepers, in the business is really very busy, and full of energy. But once the shop business is not good, the whole person’s mood is wrong, not a bit of energy, store business is getting worse. In fact, if you want to do business, it is always full of energy. In short, do not be afraid to do business, the busier the more busy, the more busy the more money, the more busy the more motivated. Once the idle business is not good to do, they feel at a loss, physical and mental exhaustion, that money is difficult to earn, so frustrated, I really want to close the door. This kind of negative emotion will make the business worse and more customers. read more

Agricultural Bank of China Gansu

employment situation has become extremely severe, prompting more and more people engaged in the industry, but no money is undoubtedly the most fatal blow. According to the relevant reports, Xiao Bian learned that a bank of Gansu agricultural institutions, for you to help rural youth, especially given the support, the following details to understand!

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Dalian more than 80 new business incubator platform

in recent years more and more people will start to hang in the mouth, the first pot of gold into the market to the lofty ideals and high aspirations of their own in the tide. But entrepreneurship is not just difficult to talk about it, the lack of funds and experience so that entrepreneurs are difficult, so a variety of business incubator came into being.

10 18, Dalian city Shahekou District liberation square venture (incubation) public training center on the first floor of the public record space · business. "Gathered a lot of investors and entrepreneurs, or shows their own entrepreneurial projects, or to sell their products on display or to seek suitable partners. Venture to start a few months, every weekend, there will be a large number of people here to share ideas, seek cooperation. read more

Child feeding opportunities runiang good prospects for the company

is known to all, whether it is under what kind of environment, breast milk is the most healthy, but now the social environment is very bad, because some mothers anxious to go back to work, there is no way to breastfeeding, some mothers are not breast milk, so that children become a nurse the problem!

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Chain store operating experience sharing

now has a lot of curtain chain stores are open in the same area, it seems to be almost the same, which is not a favorable factor for franchisees. If you want to make a profit, you need to add some features. In the end how to operate such shops? Xiaobian share some suggestions, I hope to help you.

generally, the curtain with good brand will join with it to the new road, the influence of a good corporate curtain on the market is very large, in turn, to join the curtain for the enterprise is also a latent scale, because the development of joining the franchisee will help enterprises in the industry have curtains better. With the development potential of the brand to join the franchise can get better development. read more

2012 suitable for poor entrepreneurial projects which

how the poor success? Now, entrepreneurship is the best way to get rich, by working for others, in addition to barely adequate food and clothing, the other is in vain, for the poor entrepreneurial project is to make the poor to become a bridge for rich people. How do poor people start their own businesses to provide the poor with entrepreneurial programs to all the "poor".

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Domestic apparel brands in the future unlimited potential

many years ago, we only know that Nike, Adidas these sports clothing, along with the rise of domestic sports brand, forming a huge investment market, domestic sports brand, the equivalent of joining a future trend, but also contribute to domestic brands!

A walk in the two or three line of the city’s streets to

, we see more and more local consumer brands. In addition to Anta, XTEP, 361, Lining and other sports apparel brand, Yashi and CABBEEN have also to George · Armani and Zegna brand challenge. read more

An analysis of the role of profit sharing system in the compensation management of knowledge workers

is becoming more and more important in today’s world economy. There is no doubt that the twenty-first Century is the era of knowledge economy, that is, the era of knowledge economy. For enterprises, storage and management of the knowledgeable employees is the best choice to gain competitive advantage to build the core competitiveness of enterprises in the era of knowledge economy.

, as the most basic content of human resource management, is related to the success of the enterprise to attract and retain knowledge workers, and effectively motivate employees. Therefore, according to the characteristics of knowledge workers, it is very important to adopt the appropriate salary management mode to improve the staff’s satisfaction and enthusiasm. Profit sharing is one of the forms of compensation, which is widely used in developed countries such as the United States and japan. Profit sharing system for compensation management of knowledge workers, and help enterprises to stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, and the relationship between the maintenance of the knowledge staff and the enterprise long-term stability, is of great significance to maintain the long-term development of enterprises. The definition of />
1 1.  knowledge workers. The definition of knowledge workers in the knowledge of Chinese and foreign scholars for the definition of knowledge workers have a variety of statements 1. Peter, an American management scientist, first proposed the concept of "·", which he believed was the kind of person who mastered and used symbols and concepts, and worked with knowledge or information". Francis, a famous Canadian scholar, ·, said, "knowledge workers are those who use their brains more than their hands when they create wealth" ( ). They add value to their products through their own creativity, analysis, judgment, synthesis and design. Such as management, professional and technical personnel and sales staff, etc.".

characteristics of knowledge workers are different from the ordinary employees is that they have to create value for the enterprise knowledge capital, which makes them important position in the enterprise, become the core staff in enterprises. read more

Analysis of the advantages of joining steak

good restaurant brands to create natural and ultimately backed by strong support, but also natural and ultimately the professional team, catering franchise brand in France with steak, belonging to the Beijing jinau Hengfeng International Catering Management Co. Ltd consists of the industry’s top talents, professional team with steak and laid a solid foundation in Chinese realize the ambition.

The highest mission

France forever don’t too with passenger service customer needs, to create maximum value for customers. We think: "Each performs its own functions., only those who can not" spare no effort to create real value for customers, and achieve a win-win situation in the process of creating value, this is the "Zuo" mission. read more

Analysis of market segmentation trend of environmental protection

With the gradual development of market economy, market segmentation is the inevitable result of the development of

. In the environmental protection industry is no exception, all kinds of environmentally friendly products have been subdivided into a variety of markets, entrepreneurs must have targeted investment and entrepreneurship.

now is not only environmental issues become the focus of attention, our environmental awareness is also rising, either now or in the future, environmental protection is a very important issue, it is a great potential for the development of environmental protection industry. However, the environmental protection industry is also facing the problem of refinement, then how to join the market to refine the environmental protection?. read more