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My creative venture almost ruined my career because of chicken soupJunior high school students Taob

, which may come from previous experience, has become a universal truth accepted by later generations. Not only did they carry out large-scale innovation, they created large amounts of wealth, but also made a significant contribution to the field of venture investment.

automatic recharge set, you can open the computer, at least for me is not old in front of the computer! It seems to me better than the development of physical inventory investment and delivery! Less cumbersome. So he immediately added to the ranks of the software sales. read more

On the correct derailment of an entrepreneurVenture to the sea the challenge of entering Southeast A

in order to simplify the title, only said the entrepreneur’s derailed way, here actually must say:

hopes to have peace of mind of entrepreneurial venture, not to mess with the girl, if provoked, or stick to their pregnant, return to life to forget or provoke in entrepreneurship; entrepreneurship girl, so that everyone will not have empty and lonely because you do not contact each other.

1, competition format swift and violent fermentation,

, this is a basic moral entrepreneurs derailed, if you know your boss with the girl, is not responsible for, so quickly find the Antarctic Circle for a boss, because the boss will not be responsible for you. Of course, if you have problems, don’t come to the Antarctic circle. We are also responsible for the boss. read more

Taobao guest game marketing focus users attention conversion rate higherWest master cahuo an entrepr


simply shopping for shopping, and ultimately making decisions, after buying, there will be a lot of people are not satisfied with the place. Because of a bad review by the seller to send "shroud", a malicious buyers encounter "shroud" incident to the merchant such a revelation: why online shopping after the success of enemies, even use unscrupulous divisive tactics to break the moral bottom line to make such impulse…… Buyers, of course, have "professional bad assessment division" of suspicion, if in shopping before there can be an effective communication, service and can follow, do impeccable, is not a bad assessment of the incident rarely happen. From the very beginning of the pleasure of shopping, like playing games like that, get more than just shopping pleasure, and trust each other emotional factors fuse together, turnover rate and turnover rate are back up. read more

Teach you how to let online baby stand out improve conversion rateThe unicorn dies tomorrow at C Th

we see too much out of thin air, made a lot of entrepreneurs to deviate from the commercial nature of things, and the trend in front of the tides, the last departure from business at the beginning of the heart; we also see too many entrepreneurs start carrying a full of feelings, encounter a commercial torture immediately Yang boat; we also see a lot of Founder immersed in their own past experience and mode of thinking, opening and closing are their own professional importance first; some founder, simply indulge in their "hard" in the circle of friends in various activities and meetings in the daytime the evening sun, totally do not know their focus where is the. read more

Website profits can’t depend solely on advertising unionsExpose ip686 horse strongly urge you not t


first defines popwin and extension JS,

combines the above statement with the last picture, "JS", which forms the Trojan address of www.ip686/popwin.JS,

var start = cookieString.indexOf " woshi0day=";

1: advertising alliance threshold higher. Older qualifications of the webmaster all know, good advertising union threshold is getting higher and higher, GG and sh419 theme account online can sell at a high price, the alliance can not go in, how to put advertising money,

  read more

A way to make money off of TaobaoDiscussion on how to do Wangzhuan novice webmaster

4. flat mind, life will be more beautiful,

, for example: the webmaster all know shlf1314 Adsense advertising, only high site traffic, will have a satisfactory income, so many owners, after selection of site traffic high to hang advertising alliance. But the website traffic is not short-term can go up, in this way some webmaster gave up. My suggestion is the site of a IP, we should put on the advertising alliance, although this may not be profitable, but you can use the web traffic development period, while learning website promotion, while advertising practice optimization, if there is no ads on your site, so there is no study advertising optimization training field. This habit also allows you to quickly master all aspects of online money making experience. read more

The car sells CEO Li Yanzhu after Ma Yun finally understand the difficult experienceEight major issu

I interviewed the interview on Sunday afternoon for a long time before Lee responded: "I only have weekends with my daughter.". In a word, I feel guilty. The same day Li Yanzhu or performance and to, and half an hour earlier arrived in Hangzhou near West Lake Yat villa. He said it was the second time for him to come to this place.

"a little man may sink into injustice"

sold a good car, since its inception, stepped on many pits, when the business was moved by To C To B, the company must "break off its arm", layoffs became a plan to be implemented. At that time, Li Yanzhu let all departments in accordance with the performance of sorting, unqualified people will be dismissed. He knows he is human, if someone before is love, he will listen to, listen to will xinruan, so they will plead the people are stuck in the door, "anyway, when I do not pay, you see!" left a word in the travel way to escape the "non the land". read more

College students legend earned 600 thousand monthlyStationmaster regrets U1TH alliance does not send

found this Simon customer service for more than January, finally do not give money also called me, said to me well enough, give me two dollars a U1TH, since the Alliance for money not reputation, I will not give him a face, you see the true face of the U1TH alliance unless the Simon that customer service! Called goblins 20455697 has been discharged, otherwise you

requires evidence and chat can contact me, :276937512, please indicate what

A year after

Yu Linwei was aware of the change. He made three suggestions: first, he was always with the company read more

Focus on how to make money website traffic



should be said that compared to other forum websites, Tianya post management of loose, even if your soft advertising means a bit of weight will not be deleted, at the same time the classification number, you can find a suitable site of the plate, so that the user targeted is high, but as long as the writing is good, is reprint the possibility is also great

two, campus network ([www.xiaonei.com) 51.com

this is some simple folk place, therefore, write text in these stations, write well, bring traffic will be considerable, most of the young students do not know what is soft, what is marketing, therefore, compared with the major owners gathered in the master station, the new campus in 51 handwritten text, is a good choice, but also with the school and 51 of the people know that they have to write a post to share mechanism, as long as good enough, the post was a great chance to share, the effect is obvious. It is worth emphasizing that the two sites still have bigger difference, the effect of my local website www.uu025.com publicity in the campus network is very good, response is also great, but the 51 almost did not bring any effect, can post Shen bailing. It can be seen that 51 of users prefer the theme of making friends and entertainment, while the campus is more cultural. read more

Technology creative network to promote 2 legs walk

used to think of technology as important when it came to online marketing.

The first

of search engine optimization, after some time, learning the keyword, the chain code, and original things, and to study the search engine algorithm, this algorithm is of course a pretty xuanhu things, beyond my ability. Even if some looks, what else can help


according to experience, the choice of keywords, the chain, the original, update frequency, these are effective means of optimization, through some operations, there will always be a successful time. The more time is accidentally optimized some key words. Master see here may be a contemptuous disregard, but I am not master, so let me fallacy. read more

What websites do you make money for Try the public navigation website

opened the historical rings, looking back to 2000, once in the Internet cafe when the network of grassroots boy, Li Xingping good 123 site home sold to Baidu, get 100 million yuan.

science and technology media have reported this transaction, suddenly Li Xingping became the head of the grassroots idol, many grassroots Adsense imitation 123, a site navigation station have emerged like bamboo shoots after a spring rain.

over the past few years, site navigation station there are many changes, some webmaster to web site navigation positioning to the industry webmaster appeared B2B site navigation, some webmaster to site location for the campus, there is the campus website. read more

These three issues are becoming the loss of zero weight loss products users


, as a webmaster and SEOer is nothing more than a common work every day to start foreplay is to open the webmaster query tools to check their site is indeed the case, do not have a search engine optimization personnel do not care about their own websites, especially the novice station so long, the problems encountered is almost the same, some owners do the competition of larger sites, some owners also do some smaller competition sites, there are just standing in the middle line, ask the three webmaster can do very well? Daily traffic can achieve their desired effect? I think that’s going to think about it, no luck there is no search engine, so everything is high officials and noble lords, can only rely on their own or their own team to achieve zero, the user is really a headache, no user to network Station experience that site is only a decoration, so that the significance of what to insist on? Sometimes it really makes people downhearted, we come to see what the net friend encountered: read more

Every stationmaster needs one to depend on

is currently Baidu promotion and do more harm to form, can be said to all walks of life to this term, is now a market economy, we can use various means to achieve the purpose of fast money, how is the webmaster has become a bitter industry, even the repair shoemaker than, we all think this is why it is? Because of too much or Chinese need money, life gradually increase in the gap between the rich and the poor. So that the rapid development of China’s Internet industry, the number and number of online Adsense growth. To see so many famous personnel, GJJ.CC webmaster, powerful HAO123 Webmaster Station, although education is not high, but in the network industry has made no small achievement and fame, has emerged a large number of owners, no night, no day! Stop copy, paste, what is more the acquisition program, crazy collection, create a large number of garbage station, in fact we webmaster purpose is very clear, is for money! Can have a few webmaster to interest and do stand, I think it is less and less! Many owners do not earn money, also paid a lot. Here to thank graph king, has been encouraging the owners continue to insist, also write some webmaster development direction (which means clear, of course also contain development factors on the webmaster network) provides a very good exchange but the sky will have for the webmaster. We now write soft, really is a very good promotion methods, after all the weight of stationmaster net is very high, can bring some of the chain to the webmaster, I’m not lazy, I really have no time to write the article, I have some inspiration in the can, and many of the webmaster want to say your feelings, these years is very bitter, very tired. We want to study while we are doing the content and promoting it. Now the promotion is even more difficult. (at present, I do not know whether it is affected by the international financial crisis), there are also negative situation in the Internet industry. read more

Modify Title Title Baidu K you don’t discuss


DOSJS site took a lot of effort and managed to do it in a few months. Do station is the most afraid of being Baidu K station, especially a new station, if there is no pre Baidu search flow import, a new station is unable to develop very quickly. Of course, you have money to do promotion is another matter.

in doing DOSJS site, consider the most is how to be Baidu included, not K station or drop right. So the DOSJS web page didn’t do anything to optimize it, and all the keywords and description in the page were deleted. And DOSJS is also a free online production ebook service site, the site is only to provide online production services, I think the next Baidu, you will not K me, I am an honest website. Who would like to stand for 1 months, Baidu directly to the K dropped, others said that the new station will be placed in the Baidu sand box, after a period of time will be released. OK, I’ll wait… read more

Open domain name investment inspiration from new top level domains

today I saw A5 in the front page of the site "Mao Wei: a new top-level domain name domain name application open or open" own era, information can be drawn from his home may open the top-level domain name application, if can make some domestic institutions and companies with new top-level domain name, then we as a domain name where the status of investors


as a domain name investors, we for domain name registration and renewal are holding an appreciation of the potential to, for example, if we have been registered with the "Haoren" of the +COM name, but there is a company called good, he was interested in buying my domain name, is talking about the price when you get a message suddenly, he wants to register a domain name, the domain name is haoren+haoren, so we ask the hands of the domain name can also valuable? At that time many domain name values will no longer place, so in the current situation and how we choose to let the hands of their own domain name domain name has more and more high the value of read more

Baidu QQ space website and current profit making methods

today got nothing, to write an article on the Baidu QQ space ranked website currently profit method and front cheats, veteran don’t take bricks hit me! I am here only a simple analysis, ask you to dig deep.

1, lure Dance Workshop: www.qqywf.com

content and previous methods: QQYWF site, most of the call FLASH module, a little more original. The site title to write special, have interested friends can study, the main promotion I think his FLASH are not issued in connection to connect with others, it is invisible to others; some of you should be able to see it, he stood on the base of the friendship connection write is behind the title keyword I think, the most important is because of this, the key also follow up. read more

Lu Songsong Ali mother ad alliance experience cheated a moment can not cheat

currently relatively high profile, suitable for small and medium-sized owners make money advertising, only Google AdSense, Baidu and Ali mother Alliance (now called Taobao alliance) the three league, before Lu Songsong wrote a "Baidu alliance with Google AdSense", by those who want to earn some extra money for new Adsense attention. A friend mentioned in the comments Ali Mama, I introduced today in the Ali Mama advertising alliance, but also for me to do some experience of the mom in half a year ago. read more

From the media exploring the use of fans economy is purely suicidal

recently on the topic from the media charges from the loose, meet the eye everywhere, Changqing to countless personal webmaster, everyone seems to be reading as a trend, and even a well deserved profit means, tens of dollars on the hundred dollars for reading, really let the whole share become more complicated. In fact, the loose, Changqing friends blog, they have paid to read I applaud, it’s not because I’m blind worship, but they have this ability, you pay less than you get more, that is to say no matter how as we are paying the money. But for some grassroots webmaster, in just won some people support, blind start from fans on oil, really a bit inappropriate, because the fan economy is not every webmaster can do. read more

Baidu’s views on Google Adsense

everyone, A5’s friends, Hello everyone. I got up in the morning and found some questions written here. Let’s analyze:

talking about Baidu’s views on Google Adsense

talked about Google Adsense, probably in the webmaster circles is already known, no one knows, but for the China current network situation! Do most of their friends website traffic comes from Baidu search, so how to put Google on their websites inside advertising has become a problem!

maybe some webmaster didn’t meet this kind of situation. I’ll tell you about my experience of putting on Google Adsense, Baidu, IP, 0, read more

How to do website information design

        Abstract: with the further deepening of web technology, web design, to meet the visual design and interface design under the premise of information web design is also further requirements, "the purpose of the design in order to better convey the information, information design is the design of web page in the web (interface design) can be achieved and the program design on the basis of the background. It plays an important role in the dissemination, transfer and browsing efficiency of the information. First, according to the experience of the webpage design, we make a substantive exploration on the information design of the web page. read more