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Some things have to be done by hand

these hearts always seem to be oppressed by the same, very depressing, there is a difficult to understand the feeling. Do poineering detective agency www.money006.com has been 3 months, had the lofty, compared with the current situation, I just laugh, a sneer mouth smile, helpless smile, in addition to this, I have no better way to express my heart.

originally thought that as long as the station in the entrepreneurial perspective to think about the problem, try to find all kinds of information for entrepreneurs to provide valuable content for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial detective agency will be welcomed, but this time I know, the original thing is not quite so simple, the only person to do something just know. read more

The design idea of e commerce website help center

Some of the problems encountered in the design of

in recent days to help center to participate in the assessment process, the help center is what? Help center should help the user what? Help center traffic is to take full advantage of it? Is it possible to increase the help center UGC? This blog to record my thoughts on the design process and help the center, we want to help, if there are different opinions welcome and discussion pointed out.

# help center is what a


was designed to present each big website help center to help center belongs to an important part of the site, but in UE and UI in the design process are weakening design without exception, help center in the end what is the use? I think, to help solve the problems encountered in the center is the user specific problems and design, is not like the product instructions as big and complete website which function to explain the fear is not comprehensive, the help center is divided into two parts: 1, functional class navigation; 2, use read more

Website simple and effective operation of the whole process

1: select program:

1: recommends building sites with Blog, and Zblog is a good choice,

2: was used to avoid abuse of the program, or someone to do the dumpster, you will be joint punishment, this proposal to contact the developers with appropriate price to remove copyright links, and modify the template architecture and program directory


two: site structure:

1: follows the W3C standard

as much as possible

2: using div+css architecture

3: uses minimal effects as little as possible, and browser compatibility issues must be taken into consideration. read more

Patience is also an important factor in doing a good job of SEO

our company’s website also opened a period of time, the contents of the product news from scratch, online customer to have some feedback slowly, really do not know how much to spend web site customer service efforts, much like an outsider understand that is not good website program, open web site waiting for user home on the line!

is really wrong, how can a new website to find your information on the Internet in the multitude, except that people have supernatural powers, know you have the sixth sense of the site that he was looking for, how do you find your website? There are people will say: "maintenance of the website is very simple ah, a collection of software, search a large number of articles on the site on the line, we do not recommend this kind of irresponsible practices, just search online for you is not difficult to find, now the Internet is full of garbage, the same article has hundreds of pieces, just put in a different website only, a place not far from the traditional Internet library can build more libraries, put a few of the same books convenient for readers, but the Internet is not the same, many people at the same time in different places to see With a lot of people still want to use the article! Copy + paste way to update the website content, because it is simple and does not need brains to think about how to write the original article, after all the computer to play out the word to slow brain filtering. read more

Various ways to influence the chain

There are many factors affecting the

website keywords in the search engine rankings, summed up hundreds of factors, if you want to choose the most important factor in the high quality of the chain will be the choice of many people, although each optimization personnel are not the same, but at this point, all this is not the same, especially, position in the chain of SEO in optimization.

each SEO has obtained the method of the chain, the chain optimization way in each heart is also not the same, today published here, understanding their years of foreign chain, and their common chain method. read more

The kind of sad behind but it is a power Adsense still need to adhere to

today is April 14, 2010, looking at the computer could not sleep, recall their faces this year’s difficulties, thinking a bit sad feeling, is a person under the age of 20 years, a graduate who is now facing social pressure, but what is not for a long time, in bursts of meditation, this year do the station last year, nearly 1 years, the year I feel the joy of feeling lost, but the more I grow, I learned more experience in a year, every day I read the article on A5, see the website the news every day, which I have accumulated some experience, the first station is a live site, however, is limited and the development of the CN domain name domain name value does not have development potential, in March this year, I started the second sites, but a navigation station, though Although the domestic navigation site overwhelming but I believe I can do this station, push! Because there are a lot of advertising resources on my hand, and the domain name is easy to remember, 197La com and the 197 means to go to, so that from the domain name and Chinese meaning it strengthened my confidence and, although we are all grassroots webmaster, but with their own hard work and effort, I believe that we can do a lot of things. read more

The 4 trick is to create a lively atmosphere for your early product

when you use an Internet product, what is it hope to provide their own service point


electricity supplier products, low-priced authentic.

read the product, the contents are expected.

tool products, effective solution to the problem.

community products, bustling.

you may also find a lot more mature Internet products is no longer a single product form, Jingdong covered products and tools in the community women’s wardrobe shopping service at the same time, a book from the beginning of the corresponding transformation of community electricity supplier in 14 years. But no matter what kind of form is a collection of their products, electricity supply chain, tools rely on technology, reading to fight copyright, operation is the most can reflect the value of the community should be to create a lively atmosphere, which also belongs to the operation difficulty of new products. read more

Web content is planned out from Taobao bad division invoice division speaking

finally, Baidu web search anti cheating team released a new algorithm for low quality sites has entered into force, publicly given the middle of June since the "Baidu earthquake" official statement.

Baidu earthquake officially explained, after some of the webmaster K site is not acceptable

, as many have pointed out, the announcement admits that "there are still instances of unintentional injuries", indicating that the rate of accidental injuries is still not low. The announcement, by some K site owners have repeatedly questioned by a K station of the old webmaster in Baidu webmaster community lamented: "I stop doing business, selling products on the several write just toss about the kinds, how do you let me tell me? I tell you my pseudo original is how to do, I have never used the software, also very despised by software. I was in the website of the relevant industry news copy down, and then modify the content according to their own, it was also K off". read more

What should the website traffic analysis analyze

in this article will share how to sort out the traffic on the site analysis, including how to subdivide and five modules of the analysis process, we use the most often included in the website: website search, SEO analysis, paid search, direct traffic and email marketing.


, no matter what kind of analysis, can not only stay in the surface of thinking, but need to think about why to choose these indicators, and in-depth analysis. In website analysis, a very important method is: to subdivide. Because Web users are not stereotyped, each user has its own features, including different age, gender, and different access purposes. Therefore, in the process of analysis, we must carry out effective segmentation. read more

Web site case at home and abroad Ten detailed analysis of web page navigation

often encounters paging navigation when browsing a web page. Paging navigation has four main functions: tell the user the amount of information you want to browse; let the user quickly skip some information that you don’t want to see; facilitate location and search; reduce page size and increase loading speed. In addition, paging navigation actually gives users pause over the web, which allows the product to be "more rhythmic" and reduces the user’s sense of fatigue.

below, to a few common websites at home and abroad (mainly for search engines and e-commerce sites) as an example, from several aspects to talk about page navigation design. read more