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Xining City East District for 48 disabled motorized wheelchair fuel subsidies

September 29th, the city of East District, Xining disabled persons with motorized wheelchairs for disabled persons in the year of the disabled motorized wheelchair fuel subsidies in 2012. Live public Jie Fu Qiang Xiang No. 367 disabled Ding Zhicheng received subsidies after gratitude shows between the lines: "the party and government as we are thoughtful, grateful to the party and the government always forget our disabled, we must live a good life, make the greatest efforts to return the society!" read more

China Meteorological Administration and the provincial government held a forum on cooperation Zheng

recently, the China Meteorological Administration and the Qinghai provincial government held a forum on cooperation in Xining, signed a joint efforts to promote the modernization of Qinghai meteorological support for the construction of a comprehensive well-off society cooperation agreement in Qinghai. Zheng Guoguang, director of the China Meteorological Administration, governor Hao Peng speech, and signed an agreement.

Zheng Guoguang in his speech on Qinghai’s economic and social development achievements and the achievements of meteorological work fully affirmed. He said, in the joint efforts of China Meteorological Bureau and Qinghai province in recent years, Qinghai meteorological guarantee ability, service ability, public meteorological disaster monitoring, risk management, technology support capacity has been significantly improved, significantly accelerate the pace of modernization of meteorological, believe that this cooperation agreement signed by the China Meteorological Bureau and Qinghai the province will establish closer relations and cooperation, will promote Qinghai meteorological career development. Zheng Guoguang said that the China Meteorological Bureau will be seriously in accordance with the cooperation agreement to determine the content, to further increase the Qinghai meteorological work support in capital investment, project construction, technology innovation, business guidance, and take effective measures to ensure the full implementation of the agreement, efforts to promote the modernization level of Qinghai meteorological. read more

Full coverage of environmental grid regulation

The grid refinement to each building, each street, each school road, to do transverse to the edge, vertical in the end of four to achieve full coverage, unified supervision and control, supervision and services, supervision and protection, supervision and law enforcement…… At present, our city is committed to establishing and improving the environmental supervision of the whole grid system, environmental protection and city management, community comprehensive management of grid management combined with the existing, to create a good atmosphere of full participation in environmental protection and management. Currently, the city has built four districts and counties, the park of the grid of the regulatory system, and the allocation of a certain number of personnel to actively expand the grid supervision. Among them, the "2+3+6+N" environmental protection grid monitoring system in the urban area has achieved remarkable results. Shanxi city community in Southern District, a large area of a wide range of films, many temples, cottage retail, infrastructure is lagging behind, showing a number of sources of pollution, the situation is complex, difficult management and other issues. According to the characteristics of the community, according to local conditions, combined with the practice, the integration of community resources, make full use of multi power, implementation of two environmental protection team into the community, "three in place" (i.e., organizational leadership in place, propaganda in place, visited Mopai place) based environmental monitoring work to lay a solid foundation, through the "six" volunteer service "(i.e. a lighter than", complaint handling line card six) method to improve the environmental supervision work way. The community organization within the jurisdiction of the third industry catering business households were surveyed, a detailed record of the use of disposable tableware, fuel use, sewage treatment, and supervise the construction site take Weidang operations, sprinkler dust, net cars and other measures.   read more

North of the city three protection system protection acres green shade

in recent years, the north of the city to take the forest resources management and protection and three prevention system, no forest fires in the area.

it is reported that the "three" system refers to the establishment of fire emergency teams, to carry out forestry afforestation, forestry administrative law enforcement supervision, forest disease and pest control of multiple means to curb the occurrence of deforestation and forest deforestation, regulate timber circulation channels, mouse density control of forest. Through these means, the per capita public green space in the north of the city by the end of 2005, 4.4 square meters, up to 2011 of 7.63 square meters, and built a garden style units of the green, the standard unit of 39 green. (author: Yang Jianwu Hai Ying)
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City human resources and Social Council to attract college graduates to meet the subsidy funds 185 y

In recent years, the total amount of college graduates in our city continues to increase, the employment situation is becoming more and more serious. Therefore, the provincial and municipal governments have issued a series of preferential policies to promote the employment of college graduates to ease the employment pressure

in recent years, the total amount of college graduates continued to increase, the employment situation is becoming increasingly severe, for this reason, the provincial and municipal government issued a series of preferential policies to promote employment of college graduates to ease employment pressure. City and Social Council also from the "global people’s livelihood and stability, growth of more policy guidance and promotion, widely publicized through the media, in-depth business patient guidance, visited the park management committee to send data to send the policy measures, make household household preferential employment policies. read more

The Sixteenth Congress of the Municipal Trade Union

on the morning of November 27th, the city’s vast numbers of workers and trade union workers are highly concerned about the Sixteenth Congress of the Xining trade union, the General Assembly should be on behalf of the 240 people, to represent the actual number of 208, in line with the quorum.

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Chinese Academy of Sciences survey showed that the water quality of Qinghai Lake continued to be goo

According to the

survey and the main river water quality Research Academy of Wuhan China aquatic biological monitoring by researchers and the Qinghai Lake National Nature Reserve Administration jointly carry out the day before the Qinghai Lake lake, the site investigation data with the last survey index data comparison, the data close to last year, a slight fluctuation, little change. After preliminary analysis, the index changes within a reasonable range, indicating that the water quality of Qinghai Lake continues to be good. read more