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Zhou Zhenjie grew up in a city step by step to adhere to the rural entrepreneurial dream

although there are a lot of entrepreneurs, however, for a child growing up in the city, after graduating from university has chosen rural entrepreneurship investors, this is still a lot of people by surprise, and this is Zhou Zhenjie’s choice. An outsider, Zhou Zhenjie is an alternative". As a graduate of Zhejiang University of agriculture and forestry, the other students in the class after graduation in enterprises and institutions to work, only he did not work on the day of the class, to the rural contracted orchards. It is interesting that he grew up in the city, never do farm work. read more

A fish how rushed nvestment

delicious fish, in our life, has always been a very common delicacy. For chowhound, delicious delicacy, always very attractive. Undoubtedly, entrepreneurs choose to join a red fish project, is a very powerful brand to join the project choice. So, venture to join you ready?

a fish washed?

is different from the traditional fish, a fish will always rushed to the health of consumers interests in the first place, won the good reputation of consumers praise. A red fish? A red fish, different from the traditional barbecue, with "salted, roasted, stewed, stewed fish with fish" a variety of craft, pickled, plus more than thirty kinds of spices, twenty kinds of condiments cooked into special dishes with charcoal baking, can be divided into spicy, spicy, pickled vegetables, fermented black bean and so on. read more

Chongqing Employment Bureau held a number of recruitment

after the end of the Spring Festival, people have entered the work of the state, but for the majority of job seekers to find suitable jobs, so that they can work better, also can make enterprises to absorb more and more talents to join, let the enterprise strength has improved, more convenient people of Chongqing.

reporter at the scene saw the recruitment desk, nearly 70 of all enterprises in the county and county departments are lined up, to come to the consultation, seeking to register people working in all surrounding the consultation stage. read more

Two jewelry stores location Analysis

two jewelry store investment threshold is low, good business prospects, investment business can be a lot of. If you want to survive this kind of shop, you need to do a good job site. This kind of shop if open to the senior commercial building is certainly unrealistic, so businesses need to combine its actual situation to do the site analysis.

join one of two jewelry stores location what about? Two jewelry store success and location close.

the location of shops, can survive; management right, the shop can be prosperous. Site is qualitative change, and the operation is quantitative, the location of the first success in order to have a successful business. If the store location is congenitally deficient, other departments are strong powerless. read more

Hongia and three high profit investment juice

like hongia juice and three cooking such delicacy, for business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very has the advantage of choice. How about joining hongia and three juice stew pot? High quality entrepreneurial projects, the best choice for successful entrepreneurship.

said the delicacy, everyone will love Hong Ji Huang three cooking juice. It has a very unique taste, well received by consumers and favor, and by virtue of their own advantages, occupy half of the market, is a very good entrepreneurial projects. So, the big profit is not big? Hongia and three juice stew pot investment cost is very low, the profit is very high, is a good small investment projects. read more

sa good ice cream good choice all business venture in 2017

entrepreneurship novel, Elson ice cream franchise? Very advantageous to join the project selection. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very good choice. Join Elson ice cream? Good project, good choice.

isa ice cream returns why? Because Elson ice cream with a new ice cream machine for making ice cream, faster than other ice cream brand profits more! Ice cream making program also does not affect the taste and flavor of ice cream in the case to simplify, to taste or before manual taste, the process is more simple, so is love most consumers, it isa good earnings cream. read more

One thousand Mian investment house brand strength

three meals a day, there is always a demand for pasta. Today, the selection of pasta joined the project, has been very competitive, very choice of business opportunities. I heard a thousand Mian house project, is very good. One thousand Mian temple to join, small business preferred!

one thousand Mian temple in the tradition of noodle " hot, oil extraction, peppery, hemp Zizi, meat and potatoes " the essence of Chongqing small noodles at the same time, according to the " a small broad, mutually beneficial win-win " franchise purposes, by virtue of technology, taste, reputation, talent, culture, management and service etc. the brand advantage and " small investment, high return, low risk and high return " wealth, attracting around the league. One thousand house Mian noodle house in just a few months in many places around all stores and outlets. read more

Raching lighting green lighting nvestment

healthy green lighting choice, the market advantage is good, business without trouble. For the small business franchisees, entrepreneurial choice to join the Raching lighting project, no doubt, is very wise, successful business choice!

Raching lighting era required green lighting. The pressure of the work and life of the growing, coming home from work, at night there is a simple, taste, personality lighting, so that the whole mood. Raching lighting, exquisite workmanship to enjoy the pursuit of excellence. Each lamp exquisite appearance, exquisite workmanship, every detail, have been numerous finely crafted, excellence, good quality show. Raching to attract consumers, more attractive to investors. read more

Maisu fragrant cake crispy agent rich good choice

crispy crispy wheat millet cake crisp join project selection, good food business opportunities. Entrepreneurship should choose the cost of a large profit space is not the project? How to join the wheat cake? In the market, it is also a very popular choice, to join the wheat millet cake crisp, is also a very good project choice!

Maisu fragrant cake all raw materials are the regular purchase farms Maisu cakes in pastry making relentless efforts, by continuous improvement and development. The cake made of wheat millet cake is crispy and delicious, soft and hard, and the growth of the time in the mouth after mastication. read more

Men’s agent how to location

men are more concerned about the investment projects, if you want to open a men’s clothing store, then how to choose the site in order to generate income easily? Small series to explain to investors a few men’s clothing store a good way to choose the store, and investors to share, I hope to open the men’s clothing store investors help.

in the men’s shop before the shop, it is best to do some site survey work, the residents of the population is relatively concentrated, high population density. How to choose the location? In this kind of area the consumer level is confused, the people of all ages and social classes have. No matter what kind of style or type of men’s training, there will be a certain customer base, but the disadvantage is that the floating population is too small, the market space of the men’s clothing store is small, if it is not suitable for high-end positioning of the store. read more