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Month: June 2017

Teach you how to open a flower shop

opened a shop florist, not only for others to send the direction of their own look at these flowers, the mood is also very good. So open the florist to pay attention to what it is easy to open a florist business difficult, small series today to introduce you to the florist business.

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What are the projects that are easy to make money

what kind of investment projects cost less? What kind of project investment without any risk? What kind of industry is easier to make money? Today and network Xiaobian a look together.

Aibei poem children

Super strong design team

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Zhangzhou total investment of about 1000000000 yuan to build Minnan water

with the development of tourism, the tourism industry has been paid great attention to. This time, in order to further develop the local tourism industry in Zhangzhou, with a total investment of about 1000000000 yuan to build Minnan water"!

yesterday, the reporter learned from the Longwen District of Zhangzhou, Zhangzhou key urban construction projects, with a total investment of about 1000000000 yuan Zhangzhou Minnan water, the current demonstration area of Xiangqiao has started construction. Water in the city, people in the middle of painting. The future, through the water and city context, veins, full of vitality and heritage of the Zhangzhou edition "Qingming Festival" will appear, build with international influence in Riverside leisure tourism destination. Zhangzhou ninety-nine Bay South Fujian water project is also included in the province, ten thousand safe and ecological water system construction pilot, provincial sponge city pilot units. read more

Pet funeral home very good business opportunities

said a "funeral" two words, a lot of people feel bad, don’t want to do this business, if it is for the people, perhaps some obstacles, but if it is for animal services, you will have this idea? Pet funeral business, the market is a blank, really very good business opportunities!

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What are the nail shop location technology

beauty is a woman’s nature, even if it is the beauty of the fingertips, women will not miss, so at this stage to open a nail shop is very promising, but how to choose? What are the site selection techniques? The article gives a detailed introduction, hoping to help entrepreneurs.

nail shop location is important in three aspects. Is a mature business circle, such as the The Garden Hotel area: that lots of customers are generally white-collar workers to the shop from, so Manicure itself requirements will be relatively high, such as the demolition of the repair shop staff grade of the technical standards and service attitude. However, the service price is relatively high, and the white-collar consumer demand is relatively large trend, the pursuit of high-grade is their sign that this nail shop can be more effort in that respect. read more

Worth a look of the ice shop business secret

hot summer, but the weather was very hot, similar to ice such a business is very hot, but also very little worth the investment of this project, every summer, ice shop business is to not stop, if the water ice store is certainly a seat without seat All seats are occupied., ice stalls must full of people, thus, the summer ice business is so good. Therefore, if you have money, may wish to open an ice shop. The following is the ice shop business secret, take a look at it!

project required equipment: an ice machine, freezer plus a sand ice machine. Raw materials: all kinds of fresh fruit characteristics and production of ice ingredients of mung bean, red bean. read more

Small series for the analysis of children’s toy store location notes

With the further opening of

two-child policy, the next few years, children’s toys industry will become a veritable gold industry, the market prospect is inestimable. But how to choose the location of children’s toys? Here is a small series for everyone answering questions.

first children’s toy stores to see the location of shops is located. The concept of location refers to the distance from the center of the city, or from the residential area or traffic lines. If your children’s toy store is located in a specific location of a lot, such as corners, centers, crossroads, etc. is also a good choice. read more

Small business can consider opening an ice cream shop

for entrepreneurs, open ice cream shop is a good choice, whether it is a partnership between girlfriends or entrepreneurial partnership between the students, or the husband and wife entrepreneurship, ice cream shops are very suitable. How to open an ice cream shop?   location and decoration should pay attention to what the problem? Let’s take a look.

currently open ice cream stores? Why are there so many ice cream stores? According to industry analysts, ice cream consumption season is approaching, the prospects for the sale of ice cream so that businesses tempted. The owner of an ice cream store in the city revealed that an ice cream store had a turnover of more than $3000 a day, of course. In recent years, the production of ice cream increased steadily. Over the past three years, China’s ice cream production remained at about 1 million 200 thousand tons, is expected to be completed this year, ice cream production capacity of 1 million 400 thousand tons. According to statistics, this year from 1 to April, the production of ice cream over the same period last year, an average increase of more than 30%, up to 50%, good market momentum. China ice cream consumption has turned from the cooling season less leisure. read more

Kunming network about car platform to raise access threshold

Kunming network about the car platform to raise the access threshold, a time has become a hot topic, causing the driver, platform companies and passengers attention and comments. Drivers believe that this Ordinance is not scientific, too many restrictions, and users are very good policy. Although there are comments that Kunming net about car deal draft "open is not exclusive, limited grade not Diaojia", but many netizens think: "Kunming network about the new car if this execution, it is comparable to the harsh first-tier cities." Network about car platform, said the network about the car fare may be raised to two times more than the local taxi prices. read more

The old man with their entrepreneurial three years to earn tens of millions of fried sausage

because of the dream and action, regardless of age, regardless of gender, as long as you have a dare to practice heart. Pay Guanzheng nearly sixty years once a million of wealth. But just one night, he fell from the peak of life to the bottom of the valley, pay all the assets are owed about 12000000 yuan debt. He leaned against the mother’s homemade sausage craft, in yinpen rented 8 square meters of road pavement monopoly "childhood taste" sausage, today, 3 years later, he frugally and earn nearly ten million yuan to repay all debt…… Pay Guanzheng fried sausage for three years to earn million, be familiar with his creditors and people praise the "integrity of brother". read more