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Month: July 2017

Ruru about the website keyword selection and promotion method to share

this time a friend asked me the question of keywords, first said he began to not very concerned about this and that, just look for keywords to search index, objective to screening, but when I really thoughts, found that the key words are not so easy to imagine. There are related to a lot of problems, let me headache is the most commonly seen Baidu promotion, promotion I was depressed. In general, the choice of keywords is directly related to the success or failure of SEO and the future of the web. If the keyword is not in place or not related to the topic, then all the promotion work is useless, then a keyword should be how to choose it, today RuRu will bring you to discuss the discussion. read more

Novice do stand easy let Baidu fast included new station

I do not know what time

, the term "Wangzhuan" such as the Internet everywhere like bamboo shoots after a spring rain "flower", particularly eye-catching, this just know actually can make money online. Forget where to enter the A5, and at that time only felt came to another world, where there is usually not exposed to the knowledge, very novel. So, without hesitation, the web site to the favorites, every day to open the computer, to A5 absorb new knowledge. Diving in the A5 for nearly half a year, but also learned a lot about the website knowledge. Thanks A5 for giving me a good place to study. I usually read others on the inside of the article, to share the experience of others, today also want to use A5 platform to share some experience station to do their own experience, how to let Baidu fast included new sites on, such as can let the novice webmaster get some enlightenment, it is the best. As a rookie webmaster, knowledgeable, right also hope veteran don’t throw bricks. read more

Zhu Zerong small website is the focus of future revitalization of the nternet industry

management scientists, Zhuo school management school Zhu Zerong said recently, so far, the concept of small sites is not formed, the small founder of great advantage of small website has not been found and operators, but the future is certainly small website of the world.

, according to media reports, said the management scientist Zhu Zerong days before: all the small website contribution and small businesses with consistent, and the development potential of small sites more features, for the development of the social public service system, improve people’s livelihood and welfare, enjoy the changing competitive business environment has great value, especially in the same competition opportunity. Located in remote areas and small town enterprises, and rich city developed areas of the enterprise have the same competitive opportunities, to reform the economic structure, to solve the employment, promote orderly market competition has important significance to promote. read more

Talking about being a webmaster and being a webmaster

in the rapid development of the Internet today, the rapid development of the number of Internet users, the team has also become increasingly strong. Is it difficult to be a station master?. How do you say that,


with the development of technology, various kinds of website system emerge in an endless stream, dazzling, many of these systems to fool, like some ads said, as long as you can type, you will build! Indeed, in a system of station program includes adding (Management) articles, pictures, add software acquisition, generation shortcuts, diligent points in some typing an article in or around to copy and paste them up, a little lazy simply go directly to the other site acquisition, hotlinking, without any technical content. Furthermore, the space business competition is more and more fierce, more and more people join the ranks of business space, the virtual host is really cheap now, tens of dollars can buy a space station, to further reduce the threshold, prompted a large number of users to join the ranks of the head to. This kind of "trendy" webmaster most only a few simple page and then put a large number of ads, some confuse advertising format even more than the content of their fantasy of a station there are a large number of people to click on their ads, waiting for the money, but it also want to get too beautiful, everywhere on the site today, who will go to visit a substanceless station layout and out of order read more

Robin Li talks about the difference between Baidu and Google

today is the first day of formal work, saw a news on the website: Robin Li talk about the difference between Baidu and Google. I believe the content of this article is more important to the website owner. Of course, the article is long and I won’t post it. But there are several points which are worth thinking about.

difference between Baidu and Google, Robin Li’s answer is very intuitive: early in the PC phase, we mainly do is UGC, User, Generated, Content, that is, user production content. For example, Baidu Post Bar, the world’s largest Chinese community, there are nearly 100 million active users every day, then the launch of the Baidu know, Baidu encyclopedia and so on is this concept, we allow the user to create a portal, create content, search through the search engine technology, which is in the PC era, Baidu search in the development path, difference or ideas and the largest google. read more

SNS why do choose to take root

SNS website in China has 1-2 years of development, but I contact the SNS site is about half a year. The first SNS website is not busy contact network, was in a circle of Wanda IT meeting, comrade Zhang Benwei heard whether the network busy CEO introduced his website, inside the MSN2 of friends let me have the function of interest, so the party, I registered the experience. Later, one after another registered the school, the domestic, ant nets, happy nets and other SNS website

in addition to busy, no network is their own initiative registered, and the rest of the SNS site, in the MSN friends crazy mail invitation offensive, just registered. Because not to register, will have received such "junk mail" forced me to register. In particular, happy net, by mail and friends directly invite links double offensive. Let me have to understand why the registration of the latest SNS website, can make so many people to help us do free promotion. read more

Analysis of the reasons for the problems in the optimization process of tea packing station

I started the optimization on sales of tea packaging this station since April 8th has been in a stable state can be included since the line has recently appeared a variety of problems, Baidu snapshot during this time there is no update, Baidu included two days ago is also not included in the station of the "the daily timing quantitative update" to the station today Baidu also declined, a few days before the chain also slightly decreased, but after adjusting chain has changed now, for the author of these problems in the A5 forum to understand the relevant questions but did not find the reason to ask the concrete solution, the author believe that the webmaster friends in optimization also had a similar problem, not updated snapshot, Baidu is not included but included decline and other issues, in which the author to do this About the sale of tea packaging, this station to share with all webmaster friends, discuss the causes of the problem. read more

Cross border electricity supplier products analysis of the basic concepts of sea Amoy 1

this article introduces the basic concept of cross-border electricity supplier, and share with you.

cross-border electricity supplier refers belong to different customs territory of the transaction subject, through e-commerce platform deal, payment and settlement, an international business activities and delivery of goods through cross-border logistics, the completion of the transaction. Cross-border electricity suppliers to break the boundaries of geographical and national boundaries, through the Internet to connect businesses and consumers. At present, the United States, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom is China’s major cross-border electricity supplier market, recently there are many domestic companies in Southeast Asia force. International cross-border electricity supplier representatives have Amazon, Le Tian, Ebay, the domestic well-known cross-border electronic business platform, Tmall international, NetEase, koala, Jingdong global purchase. read more

Five major problems faced by female entrepreneurs

female entrepreneurship in modern society has become a very popular trend, at the same time, many women in the process of entrepreneurship, often will face many problems, what are the specific?


read more

A successful webmaster should have quality

one, willing to spend money,

station is a small platform for many entrepreneurs, is because it does not need to invest a lot of resources, this is many webmaster site before has such a simple idea, think to spend some money to buy a small space and maintenance, traffic and money have come. However, when we went deep into it and stood for a long time, we found that it was not enough.


first tells the server space, just when the station is almost spend one hundred dollars to buy a 100M space, a blog that is enough, but in the original blog started very few people, so most people with a lot of content to win. Content is more than one, that space is not enough. So choose a larger space is necessary, and the small space is generally hundreds of people rent a website, often slowly open, do not stand up, even if less money is wasted, as a good point ah, flat-share or VPS, 500 a year or 1000, on average, if you can pay better, also one month 50 to 100, I think you should not be what problem, if you really want to rely on the establishment of profit rather than put up no matter, not what the money is for you. read more