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Month: August 2017

What are the effects of the TAG tag in the Shanghai dragon in the optimization


what effect?

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Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

TAG tags and keywords have the same important position, I think the key words to search engine, and the TAG tag is for the user, direct visitors. Many websites will put TAG tags displayed in the foreground, such as a website for me, this is a filter products website, its TAG tag is shown below each article title, although not too eye-catching, but the user can find the opening TAG tag all the. So I think that the TAG tag is own to the classification, and then put some related articles in this category, is convenient for users to browse. For example, your article is titled "the diesel filter machine. The maintenance of common sense", the TAG tag can "air filter" or "diesel filter". read more

The website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization execution decision results


especially in the Internet era, whose web site earlier to the front row, can increase the possibility of a single. Shanghai Dragon Age optimization should focus on the "fast", seize the day, improve work efficiency. Therefore, to improve the executive power, we must strengthen the concept of time and efficiency consciousness, promote the "immediate action, immediate action" philosophy. Determined to overcome the lazy, sluggish habits, the only way you are responsible for the website to have more advantages relative to peers, has been leading the industry.   read more

How the enterprise website in Shanghai love home life

companies are basically in the second page? If in accordance with the rules now love Shanghai, love Shanghai for keyword optimization through the website of the original article, so as to improve the spider love. Then the search engine obviously on the weight of the portal has its own original editorial team is very good. Through the arrangement of the core keywords to do rankings which go beyond the ordinary business class site. This situation seems to have no doubts, to love Shanghai double profit through such behavior: read more

About Shanghai dragon Er mentality don’t get emotional about ranking

ranking is there, not high not low

ranking in the heart, quietly stick to your

you cry, laugh or

, or in

ranking is there, not sad not happy

it was a Indoorsman, not the money to the house, as a novice with confidence, fresh things full of longing and infinite want to use it so just fishing for gold, spend all the effort to do it, for this house. That kind of feeling, if you describe it, should be a lottery mentality, feel your persistence will be rewarded. So, it has been in the house, a day sitting in front of the computer, with their own "newborn". Sometimes, my girlfriend also complained that I said, since the Shanghai dragon, I communicate with her less obvious, even in order to rank unstable temper to her. But these, I do not realize. Until now, in retrospect, feel very sorry for her, and for ranking emotional yourself pretty funny. Just as a necessary road for beginners, I don’t say much, according to the poem Yingjiacuo bin, I jokingly made a doggerel. Is the original, entertain, here also give you a happy read more

On the road of the development of health food web site where

user understanding

, a health and health

for the purchase and consumption of health food, many home users are starting from the infant, juvenile, adult, middle-aged and elderly body. Life told the author, now many people pay great attention to diet and health and health care, and for the office of a group of people usually do not have time to the Internet to find resources on the Internet only at night, so the network has become the kind of people often go to places, so understanding the user is one of the important. read more

How to make the target keyword targeted

now that you know what is the target keywords, then how to choose the target keywords has become a priority among priorities.


select the target keywords to assess the overall site, personnel allocation, industry characteristics, competitive. If the promotion stage of the site are as follows: Shanghai dragon, for promotion, DM ads, car ads, TV media, micro platform marketing comprehensive brand website construction, so the website can choose keywords is hot, if we are just a small entrepreneurial team or only limited funds as the first network launch. The target words more easily as the first step. read more

Website optimization how to lay a solid foundation

, "in the beginning of the design, there are many factors to consider, the main factor is the user experience, followed by the optimization effect, only the reasonable layout and perfect user experience, will bring certain effect to a web site, users are not happy.

website optimization has been to Silia pounds is known, but how to make the desired effect that Shanghai dragon is always a difficult problem, with the time of return, Shanghai dragon more and more, large size of Shanghai dragon is also more and more, and in these people, a large part of Shanghai dragon is know some wrong, Shanghai dragon website optimization work is also very important, the first preparatory work must be done: read more

The web page title how to do Shanghai Dragon


a website is not only a home page and column page, news page, product page, page labels and so on, the page title how to do? We may understand what I mean, or I want to say is all I want to say you are wrong, you say I understand I said, you do not understand, what is it? Look at the following

column page is the most important content of the fit is correlation, the contents related to the large number of stacked together in the title above can be done to expand the appropriate, to meet our proposition of accurate content, the column content of many, the integration of many aspects, if only the title named single keywords or long tail word is it is not accurate enough, so we can put the appropriate title to the construction site expansion, for example, can take the title set to include website information, website templates, technical documents and other content title. read more

To optimize the three stage the website ranking is so simple

the contents of the website design, and can be in different directory page, professional solutions for different problems, give users a VIP feeling, can bring loyal users for the website, improve website viscosity.

is also based on the preliminary site layout of our users the main demand analysis of the industry and determined, in general to find user groups, data combined with user psychological logic, will be the site of the plate layout as far as possible simple and clear at a glance.

site can not be immutable and frozen to obtain the long-term stability of the rankings, this is also the reason why we should do regular fine-tuning the website. According to the maximum demand in different periods of the user, to make reasonable adjustments, to be able to stabilize the website ranking. read more

Why we should pay attention to Shanghai dragon optimization skills

from the above discussion and examples in this case, Guizhou once think we should be very clear to see is very important to grasp the Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques, which we can reach > in the promotion of the marketing of products

for this problem we should pay enough attention to, do not think that this is of no great importance thing, in fact, master the skills of the product is our success is a necessary prerequisite for better sales and promotion of our products, so that if you don’t have the skills of Shanghai dragon optimization so basically, you are not to use the product. So the words you can not let you achieve a more ideal effect when using this product. read more