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Month: November 2017

Site optimization of long tail keywords can not be ignored


then to the lottery website for example: a lottery industry website has many categories, one is to sell lottery information station, the other is a lottery business station. I do the lottery website program 贵族宝贝yikuyun贵族宝贝/ is the enterprise site keywords station, we do is the lottery website program, his high accuracy, relatively more people search. In this subject we can extend many words as keywords, such as: professional lottery web application development company, lottery web application development which is good and similar words, words like search crowd not less but his competition is small, to bring us the flow is considerable. read more

Classification information of car channel key selection case analysis

had seen before a customer is selling the piano, after seeing his title I instantly petrified, as shown in figure

site selection is correct or not is a very important work in the process of website operation, because he has a direct impact on your final flow and conversion rate, so in the selection and analysis of key words, really need a lot of Kung fu. I also met some customers, many people also know that Shanghai dragon is nothing more than the content and the chain is, they say, is really good, but ignore the importance and relevance of keyword research, the author of a life information service website of Chengdu car channel analysis screening method for a keyword as an example. read more